Henderson showcases brine-making ‘game changer’


Snow and ice control equipment manufacturer Henderson showcased to editors, including Better Roads, its BrineXtreme Pro, the latest addition to its line of professional brine making systems, at the American Public Works Association (APWA) Snow Show held May 4-7 at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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The BrineXtreme Pro enters the mid-range class of brine makers, introducing continuous brine making to this class which had been previously dominated by batch-making systems. The “plug and play” brine maker produces eutectic brine.

Other unique and innovative features include:

  • Brine concentration accurate to 0.001 SG

  • Production rates up to 6,000 gallons per hour

  • Salt hopper with a 5-cubic-yard capacity

  • 100-percent automation and repeatability

  • Protected mechanicals

  • 135-square-inch opening for clean out of large solids

  • Splash free brine transfer

  • Intuitive 6-inch LCD touch screen control panel

  • Data logging

  • Storage tank level monitoring

  • UL Listed salinity control

  • Optional remote access and remote truck fill

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Clay Hildreth, inventor of the BrineXtreme technology that Henderson acquired in October 2013, told editors during the press conference that the machine is currently undergoing field testing.

Hildreth, director of brine products for Henderson, also noted that this latest iteration of the brine maker is “a game changer” because it’s an automated system but it’s priced in the low $40,000s with a 50-percent greater production rate than non-automated brine-making machines.

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