Vogele at bauma: Dash 3 generation part of 11 ‘world firsts’ in paver field


The winds are up, but so is the temperature (a little) in Munich for the pre-bauma media dialogue and our quick preview of some of the big April show debuts.

Vogele says it will present 11  world firsts in the paver field highlighted by extended screeds which will reach the American market. These are the AB500 and AB600 screeds. They feature Vogele’s infinitely variable single-tube telescoping system, adjustable hydraulic side plates and integrated hydraulic crown adjustment. The pavers will be designated the “Dash 3” generation, and the company calls them “innovative, eco-friendly and economical.”

Some highlights: when the paver is stopped all hydraulic pumps used for traction, conveyors and augers and compacting systems are automatically disengaged; the tamper is driven by a variable displacement pump that delivers exactly the amount of oil needed; a variable-speed fan automatically adjusts to engine load, ambient temperature and oil and water temperature; a “pave dock assistant” system that connects the paver operator and the asphalt feed vehicle. –John Latta, Editor-in-Chief, Better Roads, reporting live from Munich, Germany in a sightly warmer Munich