Engines at bauma: Fuel efficiency and meeting stringent regs

Talking to engine manufacturer reps here at the pre-bauma media dialogue in wintry Munich,  I get the impression that at the big event in April one of the most fascinating and potentially volatile sub-events will be the battle for market share as green regulations continue to push original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

From the biggest engines down to the smallest the makers here are claiming their focus is on better fuel efficiency coupled with an ability to meet the most stringent of regulations be they Swiss in Europe or Californian in the United States.

And they expect those regulations to continue to tighten emissions on a steady basis. As that happens they claim that they can continue to find ways to meet requirements – and keep fuel efficiency numbers up.  These OEMs have some potent data to back them up. Maybe that’s the point – it should be a close battle in Munich in April and it should be fun to watch. –John Latta, Editor-in-Chief, Better Roads, reporting live from Munich, Germany.