JCB launches new 8085 midi excavator

JCB is launching the new 8085 ZTS midi excavator, offering increased torque, reduced fuel consumption, upgraded controls and a host of detail improvements. Though similar in overall dimensions to the JCB 8080 ZTS it replaces, the JCB 8085 ZTS is more productive, yet promises lower operating costs and reduced emissions.The excavator is powered by a Interim Tier IV compliant, turbocharged 2.2 liter Isuzu engine offering 58 hp (43kW), a slight increase of 2 percent compared to the JCB 8080 ZTS.

Torque rises by 13 percent to 162 lbf-ft(220Nm), yet arrives 200 rpm earlier, at 1,600 rpm. By providing more power and torque at lower revs, in tests the direct injection engine uses up less fuel, reducing CO emissions and cutting running costs.

Auto-idle and one-touch-idle functions contribute to a further reduction in fuelcconsumption, by dropping engine revs to idle speed when the machine is not incuse. The machine also makes use of JCB’s Advanced Management Systemc(AMS) and a three-mode power selection control, providing light, standard and heavy modes depending on ground conditions.

The 8085 ZTS has a similar digging envelope to the 8080 ZTS, with a maximum digging depth of 14 feet, 3 inches. Improvements have been made to the hose routing through the king post for increased protection. All hydraulic circuits on the digging end are supplied as standard with quick-release connectors and dust caps.

 In the cab, the 8085 ZTS has improved control pods with new wrist rests to provide increased operator comfort. Short travel joysticks are used and the machine is equipped with a two-speed tracking button in the dozer control lever. The tracking pedals and levers have also been redesigned to improve operator comfort, while the boom offset and auxiliary control have been redesigned into a single left-right rocker pedal to the right of the track controls. 

The AMS system incorporates a large LCD display screen with three menu modes, for settings, diagnostics and calibration. Air conditioning comes standard and the machine is available with the choice of two seats and a dual-patterned control system, allowing customers to choose between ISO and SAE patterns.The revised hydraulic valve block, which is now available with a choice of nine or 10 spools, has been relocated into the side compartment alongside the engine.This results in shorter hose runs from the valve block to the dig end, reducing the number of hoses running under the cab floor. An access panel in the side of the cab ensures that technicians can get to hoses on both sides of the valve block.

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The fan and air conditioning belts have been relocated for improved access, while all check and fill points are positioned for easy reach from ground level.

The exhaust has been isolated from the engine, minimizing vibration and reducing noise both in the cab (to 73dB) and outside the machine (to 98dB).

By moving the hydraulic valve block to the engine compartment there is now more room in the rear access panel for remote service points and the cooling pack.

Main service intervals remain at 500 and 1,000 hours.The 8085 ZTS is one of the first compact excavators in the industry to be offered with the option of electronic proportional auxiliary controls. These thumb operated controls provide greater precision in a number of applications and with a variety of attachments, increasing the versatility of the machine.

Customers can choose between a nine-spool valve block, for single or double acting hydraulic flow, or a 10-spool block for attachments that require the additional low-flow circuit. Those machines that are fitted with double acting pipework have a single to double acting ball valve tap control to prevent accidental operation of a single acting attachment in the wrong direction.

The 8085 ZTS also has the option of grapple changeover valves on the auxiliary high-flow circuit for those customers who require a hanging grapple or similar attachment.

The excavator will be one of the first machines to feature JCB’s new corporate branding and identity. The curved pod profiles provide excellent visibility all around the machine, while maintaining a family appearance with other JCB mini and midi excavators.