Develon Launches HB-Series Breakers for Excavators

Ryan Whisner Headshot
Develon HB-series breakers
Develon's HB-series breakers offer a new concept with high performance and a simplified design.

Develon, formerly known as Doosan Infracore, has expanded its attachment offering with its HB-Series hydraulic breakers, the HB06H and HB15FH, in North America. 

Engineered for high performance, the new breakers have a simplified design that allows for easier maintenance and use in a variety of demolition, mining, and general construction applications, the company says.

The company says the breakers’ are enhanced through an advanced heat treatment process and the use of quality materials for key components, such as the cylinder and piston.

“The HB-series breakers provide the highest possible productivity, whether the excavator operator is breaking concrete or rock," says Jacob Sherman, product and dealer marketing manager at Develon.

In operation, the energy of the piston stroke is collected by charged nitrogen gas, and the Develon breakers use an inward valve system with a simple structure and fewer internal parts. In addition, a urethane damper prevents vibrations that can damage the breaker. The front head supports the breaker and assemblies with a bushing, which absorbs the impact of the tool. 

According to the company, the low-noise housing is ideal for excavators working in urban areas where noise levels must be controlled or where local regulations require damped breakers.

The HB06H and HB15FH, which are backed by a one-year warranty, are compatible with the DX62R-7 and DX63-7 mini excavators, the DX140LC-7 and DX140LCR-7 crawler excavators, and the DX140W-7 wheeled excavator.

The HB06H is designed for machines with hydraulic flow of 10.5 to 18.5 gallons per minute. It weighs 750 pounds and delivers 500-900 blows per minute.

The HB15FH requires 21.1 to 29.1 gallons per minute of flow. It weighs 2,129 pounds and delivers 350-700 blows per minute.

To ensure performance, the company says it is important to select the appropriate chisel (moil point, pyramidal, wedge, or blunt) based on the application.

  • Moil point — Demolition, hard ground, or concrete.
  • Pyramidal — Concrete and tough rock, asphalt, and trenching or excavation.
  • Wedge — Trenching, general excavation, concrete breaking.
  • Blunt — Block splitting, compact abrasion, boulder, or slab breaking.