Prep for the New, Mow Down the Old With These 12 Attachments for Spring

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Updated Jun 1, 2021
JCB Landscape Power Rake
JCB Landscape Power Rake

As spring emerges so does the need for landscaping work. To help you gear up for the new season, these 12 attachments are designed to boost your construction equipment’s performance in preparing the ground for new growth or mowing down the untamed brush.

The JCB landscape rake can be used for a variety of tasks, including preparing ground for seeding and turfing. It can be operated in forward and reverse. It features a quick hitch, and it can be angled 20 degrees left or right for windrowing debris and clearing obstacles. It comes in raking widths of 60, 70, 84 and 90 inches. It can also be used for grading, shaping, reconditioning hard soil, drying out muddy sites and trench restoration. JCB also offers replacement wear parts for the rake.

Danuser intimidatorThe Danuser Intimidator is designed for eliminating trees, saplings, shrubs, bushes and other obstructions. The attachment is compatible with skid steers, compact track loaders and tractors. Its synchronized jaws can handle stumps, posts, rocks and fence rows. Its replaceable excavator bucket teeth and vertical jaw saw teeth work together to remove the complete tree stump by digging and cutting roots. The Intimidator can maneuver in tight spaces. The company says it has lower operating costs than a dozer and requires less work than a chain saw.

Toro Power Box RakeThe Toro Power Box Rake for the company’s Dingo compact utility loader is designed to transform rough terrain into seed bed. The 4-foot-wide rake can also be used for sod preparation and rock removal. Features include triple-sealed, shielded roller bearings and proprietary carbide teeth. An adjustable Rhino-Hide barrier allows the operator to choose the size of material to be left on the seed bed. Raising the barrier enables faster soil drying. The end plates can be removed for windrowing or attached to the back side of the rake for reverse box raking and spreading fill piles. It also has dual independently adjustable gauge wheels.

Doosan thumbDoosan designed its thumb for use with a compact excavator bucket for grabbing, lifting and placing items, such as debris in site preparation or hardscape materials for a landscaping project. The thumb can be opened and closed hydraulically. Serrated edges hold material secure to the bucket for loading and material handling.

Paladin Harley RakePaladin’s Harley Rakes come in a variety of sizes, able to be attached to compact utility loaders, skid steers, compact track loaders and tractors. They come in widths of 48 to 90 inches. Features include an adjustable barrier to handle various soil moisture conditions and to leave behind the material size desired. The barrier is stiff enough for pushing material but flexible enough to let damaging debris pass. A bidirectional motor allows forward and reverse drum rotation. Teeth are pure carbide, and box plates are removable.

Werk-Brau PowerGrip BucketThe jaws of the Werk-Brau PowerGrip Bucket can open 120 degrees and have high, consistent clamping force throughout their full range of motion. Equal force is exerted on both sides to prevent jaw twisting. The attachment’s quick coupler uses the excavator’s existing auxiliary hydraulic circuit and comes with standard OEM lugging. The buckets range in widths of 24 to 60 inches and capacities of .46 to 1.5 cubic yards. Other features include high-strength steel throughout the weldment; hardened, greaseable bushings; and tapered side plates to reduce wear and enable easier dumping. Tooth and cutting-edge options can be customized.

Takeuchi TB257FR Compact CutterRemove stumps in forests and parks or on roadsides and riverbanks with the Takeuchi TSCL/HY compact stump cutter. Designed for excavators of 4 to 7.5 metric tons, the cutter runs on a piston engine with manually controlled variable displacement for adjusting to the host machine’s hydraulic oil flow rate. The Type L fixed teeth cut only by lateral movement of the head for easier maneuvering of the excavator. The hydraulically adjustable front hood comes with a 12-volt diverter valve for easy plug-in. The stump cutter also comes equipped with a belt transmission and has various replaceable components.

Bobcat augerBobcat’s auger attachments use heavy-duty hydraulics to break through soft to rocky soil. The augers come in a direct-drive version for balancing torque and rpm or a gear-driven planetary version for torque-heavy tasks. Bobcat recommends the Direct Drive 15 for drilling holes faster and cleaner in sand, dry material and light dirt. The Direct Drive 30 and planetary drive augers are for rock, coral or clay. The planetary auger provides additional torque for installing anchor screws and digging with bits over 24 inches in diameter. Multiple bit types and teeth are also available to match the soil conditions.

Case Harlry RakeThe Case Harley Power Box Rake is designed for fine-grading, seedbed prep and other landscaping applications with a skid steer or compact track loader. Powered by standard auxiliary hydraulics, the rake features a hydraulic chain reduction motor and a drum equipped with durable carbide-tipped teeth. It can operate in both forward and reverse, has easily reversible end plates and has independently adjustable dual-gauge wheels. The rake is available in both manual and hydraulic angle configurations and widths of 72, 84 and 90 inches. Flat-face hydraulic quick disconnects and hoses are included.

Wacker Neuson brush cutterWacker Neuson offers Ground Shark brush cutters in a variety of widths for cutting through vegetation and trees. When used in creep mode on Wacker Neuson’s skid steers and compact track loaders, the operator can adjust working speed to the terrain and task. The Ground Shark comes in standard and Extreme Duty versions and is designed for site prep, fence line maintenance, roadside maintenance, right-of-way clearing and trail maintenance. The standard cutter is designed for medium-density brush and hardwoods up to 4 inches in diameter. The Extreme Duty can slash through heavy brush and trees up to 7 inches in diameter.

Loftness L Series Battle AxLoftness Battle Ax L Series horizontal drum mulchers are compatible with skid steers and compact track loaders with hydraulic oil flows of 16 to 30 gallons per minute. They come in cutting widths of 51 or 61 inches. A rotor design with built-in depth gauges prevents the attachment from taking in too much material at one time. A two-stage cutting chamber cuts the material twice to produce small particles. A primary shear bar can be adjusted to achieve desired particle size. Reversible Quadco blades are mounted in a staggered, spiral-tooth pattern to deliver single-tooth contact on the work surface at all times.

Kubota SC70 Skid CutterThe Kubota by Land Pride SC70 Skid Cutter is a 6-foot-wide heavy-duty cutter that can mow through brush and trees up to 7 inches in diameter. The deck and side skirts are manufactured from quarter-inch steel. The three-piece deck design minimizes weld for added strength. The SC70 comes with an optional case drain and optional motor pressure gauge. Standard safety features include front and rear chains, a pusher bar and patent-pending bifold door that covers the cutting chamber when not operating in heavy brush. It is designed for clearing land or small trees, shrubs, bushes and grass.