LaBounty: Separate Rebar From Concrete Faster With New Pulverizers

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LaBounty MHP 390
LaBounty MHP 390, one of the company's seven new models of mobile hydraulic pulverizers.

LaBounty’s new Mobile Hydraulic Pulverizers can pick up, crush and separate rebar faster than previous models, the company says.

The MHPs are able to do this thanks to a new design that delivers faster cycle times, high-tip forces and larger jaw sizes, according to LaBounty, a subsidiary of Stanley Infrastructure.

The company says the pulverizers have “industry-leading power-to-weight ratio and large jaw capacities.”

The MHPs are designed for excavators weighing 13 to 65 metric tons performing secondary demolition and concrete recycling. LaBounty says the pulverizers have a unique shape to better separate rebar from concrete on the ground.

LaBounty MHP 390 mobile hydraulic pulverizerLaBounty MHP 390The company lists the following features of the new MHPs line:

  • Reverse cylinder with internal hydraulic lines to  protect components from debris
  • Pass-through lower jaw for rebar separation
  • Bucket-style, interchangeable teeth for sorting materials
  • Serrated blades for cutting rebar

Quick specs

The MHP series consists of seven models:

LaBounty MHP pulverizerSource: LaBounty