A Wheel Loader Alternative?: JLG Launches its Highest Capacity Telehandler

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Updated Jul 14, 2021
JLG 2733 high capacity telehandler
JLG's new 2733 marks the company's highest capacity telehandler.

JLG is touting its new high-capacity 2733 telehandler as an alternative to wheel loaders on certain jobs.

The 2733 marks the company’s highest-capacity telehandler, at 26,600 pounds. That’s almost 10,000 pounds more than its former highest-capacity model, the 1732.

The 2733 has a max lift height of 33 feet and an 8,000-pound capacity at max reach, which is 17 feet 7 inches.

“The 2733 can take the place of wheel loaders in certain applications where greater lift height and forward reach is desired,” says John Boehme, JLG senior product manager, telehandlers. “Compared to a wheel loader, the 2733 offers greater versatility due to its lift height and forward reach, as well as better maneuverability due to its compact size, better travel speed and terrain-ability.”

JLG says the telehandler is targeted to industrial and large-scale commercial construction, as well as oil, gas and wind energy projects and above-ground mining. It can “handle and haul heavy, bulky materials; load and unload trucks and trailers; and help maintenance and repair personnel work on larger fleet equipment.”

Features on the 2733 include a two-speed hydrostatic transmission. Optional ride control and boom float make opearation smoother on uneven terrain, the company says. The telehandler also boasts class-leading outside turning radius for maneuvering tight jobsites.

The cab was designed to be spacious with enhanced visibility for operators. It also features a single intuitive joystick and a wrap-around dash.

It lets you know when you’re unstable

The telehandler also comes with an automated Load Stability Indication System that sends an alarm and visible signal when the telehandler has reached its capacity limits.

The system uses a sensor to measure weight on the rear axle and a series of lights the operator can see to gauge load stability. When it reaches load capacity, a red light emits, an alarm sounds and most hydraulic functions halt. The operator can then only retract and lift the boom, for returning to stability. The alarm stops and the light turns to orange when the telehandler is stable again. The system also has an override switch the operator can use to continue operating the telehandler while the red light is on and the hydraulic functions are restricted.

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JLG says the system is always active, not just when stationary or placing loads. As an example of why this is necessary, JLG says lowering the boom from a high angle can affect the telehandler’s forward stability. The system automatically determines the correct acceleration and speed when lowering the boom. The operator can still stop the boom from lowering, but the system will automatically set the correct deceleration when halting the boom, the company says.

JLG 2733 telehandler load stability indicatorThe JLG 2733 telehandler's Load Stability Indication System uses a sensor to measure weight on the rear axle and a series of lights the operator can see to gauge load stability.JLG

More safety technology

JLG also offers its SmartLoad Technology as an option for the 2733 that works in tandem with the Load Stability Indication System. The telehandler can wirelessly recognize the attachment to be used and then display the load capacity chart for it. The display then graphically shows where the attachment is on the load chart in real time.

Another helpful option for the 2733 is an electronic mirror for the operator’s right side. The mirror consists of forward- and rear-facing cameras that display their views to the operator.

Customers can also choose a reverse sensing system, which sounds an alarm when the back of the telehandler nears an obstruction. A multifunction display is also available that shows electronic load charts, a reversing camera and machine diagnostics.

Attachments available for the 2733 include forks, grapple and material buckets, truss boom, pipe grapple and tire handler.

 JLG 2733 telehandlerJLG touts the 2733 telehandler's versatility and high lift capacity as a viable alternative to wheel loaders on certain jobs.JLG