Snorkel Debuts New Scissor, Articulating Boom and Mast Lifts

Snorkel 600AJ Rough-Terrain Articulating Boom Lift
Snorkel 600AJ Rough-Terrain Articulating Boom Lift

Snorkel’s recent ConExpo display showcased several new products, including three electric drive scissor lifts, four lithium-ion scissor lifts, two new rough-terrain articulating boom lifts and a new electric-drive mast lifts.

S3013 Mini scissor liftS3013 Mini Electric-Drive Scissor LiftSnorkelElectric-Drive Scissor Lifts

New to the company’s electric-drive scissor lift line are the S3013 Mini, the S3219 Plus and the S3220 Mini.

Suited for indoor or outdoor use, the S3013 Mini features a maximum working height of 19 feet. With a roll-out deck extension and a 600-pound maximum platform capacity, the model can be used by two people or one person plus materials. It runs on a deep-cycle 24V DC battery. Non-marking solid rubber tires ensure clean and quiet indoor use.

With a working height of 25 feet, the S3219 Plus offers the same electric drive as the Snorkle’s 3219 but features a wider platform, increased platform capacity and lower stowed height with the guardrails folded, enabling it to be driven through even smaller doorways.

The S3220 Mini has a working height of 26 feet. It has a smaller platform and extension than the S3220, allowing for tighter turning radiuses and increased maneuverability.

All three models also have an extendable platform as standard equipment and can fit through a standard doorway.

Electric Drive Mast Lift

In the electric-drive mast lifts category, Snorkel introduced the TM20E. Like the rest of the company’s zero-emissions mast lifts, it features a zero-degree inside turning radius and are compact enough for a wide range of applications.

Snorkel says it has all the benefits of the TM12 or TM16 with a higher maximum working height of 25 feet, 9 inches. It has a platform capacity of 450 pounds and a 2,500-pound operating weight.

Rough-Terrain Articulating Boom Lifts

Two new rough-terrain articulating boom lifts also made their first appearance at the event — the 600AJ and the 600AJN.

Both models feature maximum working heights of 66 feet and maximum platform capacities of 1,000 pounds. The 600AJN is 7 feet wide, while the 600AJ has a width of 8 feet, 1 inch, making it suitable for use in applications that require a narrower machine.

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Snorkel S6933RTE scissor liftSnorkel S6933RTE Lithium-Ion Scissor LiftSnorkelLithium-Ion Scissor Lifts

Four new models join Snorkel's line of lithium-ion scissor lifts, which won EquipmentWatch’s Highest Retained Value Award for 2022.

The S6926RTE, S6933RTE, S6940RTE and S6947RTE rough-terrain scissors offer working heights ranging from 32 to 53 feet. They feature Snorkel's lithium-ion technology for quiet, zero-emission operation.

The company also used the show to display machines from its existing lines of scissor lifts, mast lifts and boom lifts, as well as its ML18C material lift and XR619-A compact roller-boom telehandler.