HDE intros redesigned wearable voltage detector

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Updated Oct 29, 2019
HDE Introduces Next Gen V-Watch Personal Voltage DetectorHDE Introduces Next Gen V-Watch Personal Voltage Detector

HDE used the recent ICUEE show to showcase its redesigned V-Watch Personal Voltage Detector.

“We developed the new V-Watch Personal Voltage Detector as a sleeker and more robust alternative to our current model,” says Ryan Berg, director of product development. “By making some basic mechanical, electrical and aesthetic changes, we’ve created a durable tool that saves lives and is easy to operate.”

The V-Watch Personal Voltage Detector features a loud alarm and multi-colored flashing lights that face upward toward the user, and alerts when at least 2.4 kilovolts is detected. Audible and visual alarms increase in frequency the closer the wearer gets to energized equipment.

The detector is water-resistant and is turned on by pulling up on the top instead of unzipping a hard-shell case as with the current V-Watch. When turned on, the V-Watch automatically conducts a self-test to make sure it is working properly.

Next Gen V-Watch Personal Voltage Detector from hd electric