Two construction workers killed after World Cup stadium collapse in Brazil

Updated Dec 1, 2013
Credit: FutebolnoPonto/TwitterCredit: FutebolnoPonto/Twitter

As Brazil rushes in preparation of hosting the 2014 World Cup, part of one of the host stadiums near the city of Sao Paulo under construction collapsed Wednesday, killing two workers.

The partial collapse of the Arena Corinthians stadium when a crane crashed into a 500-ton metal structure, according to a report from the Associated Press. After the collision, the metal structure cut through the stadium’s outer walls and destroyed part of the exterior and collided with a large LED panel that runs across the venue’s facade.

The accident killed Fabio Luis Pereira, 42, and Ronaldo Oliveira dos Santos, 44. Pereira was inside of a truck hit by the metal structure and dos Santos was taking a break in an area that was supposed to be clear. Organizers say dos Santos was napping when the accident occurred.

The toll on lives could have been much worse. Thankfully, most of the 1,700 construction workers on the site were on their lunch breaks.

Public prosecutors in Sao Paulo and a workers union are “demanding an investigation into conditions at the venue, saying work shouldn’t resume until authorities deem the stadium safe,” according to the AP report.

Despite the massive amount of damage, organizers say the structure of the building was not compromised and believe the stadium will be finished on time for the World Cup.