Product Focus – August 2009

Elevate an operator to a working height of more than 21 feet with Lift-A-Loft’s VAL 15/28, which offers a 300-pound capacity.
· Rotating mast allows 32 inches of side reach
· Features fully proportional controls and can be driven at full elevation
· Unit features narrow 28-inch width.

Choose from four models with Toyota Aichi’s SV-Series scissor lifts – 15- and 19-foot-high, 30-inch platform models, and 26- and 32-foot-high, 46-inch platform models.
· AC motor drive system with brushless technology
· Inverter provides long duty cycles and quick travel speeds
· Fewer moving parts simplify maintenance.

Haulotte | Biljax’s lightweight, self-propelled 55XA offers 500 pounds of lift capacity, 61 feet, 3 inches of working height and 33 feet 5 inches of maximum outreach.
· Features 45-percent gradeability, 4.5-mph drive speed and four-wheel-drive capability
· Outriggers eliminate need for counterweight systems
· 6,000-pound unit requires no CDL for trailering.

Work indoors with Genie’s GRC-12 Runabout Contractor, which has a narrow profile of 2 feet 5 1⁄2 inches by 4 feet 5 3⁄4 inches.
· Steel platform has standard slide-out extension deck
· Lift capacity of 500 pounds; handles up to two operators
· Driveable at full elevation.

Work on and around power lines and perform tree maintenance with Man and Material Lift Engineering’s Dielectric lift.
· Features a 6-foot articulating fiberglass boom tip
· Has non-conductive hydraulic hoses
· Equipped with a pedestrian safety barrier.

The Falcon FS95 aerial work platform from ReachMaster fits through doorways measuring 2.6 feet wide and 6 1/2 feet high.
· Equipped with a double 20-foot jib
· Optional automatic outrigger setting
· Features a 95-foot reach capability.

Allow two operators to work at heights up to 98 feet with Merlo’s MPR Series aerial work platforms.
· Three models available: MPR 20, MPR 25 and MPR 30
· Features rough terrain mobility and a travel speed of more than 24 mph
· Has a moving counterweight to improve stability.

JLG’s E-600 Series electric boom lifts produce no emissions, ensuring suitability for either indoor or outdoor use.
· Green features include catalytic mufflers, direct electric drive and biodegradeable fluids
· 60-foot machines have a 6-foot jib that provides 145 degrees of articulation
· Multi-power option enables round-the-clock operation.

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