Aftermarket Options: Tricking out the cab

Flexible cab covers change out quick
If your weather conditions change a lot and you need a covered cab one day and an open one the next, Fremar’s vinyl and acrylic cab covers can be installed and removed in minutes. The basic three-sided vinyl cab enclosure blocks wind and rain and helps contain cab heat. They install with zippers and you can roll up the sides and back when necessary. Each enclosure has at least two emergency exits in case of rollovers. When not in use, the flexible cab covers can be folded flat for storage. Fremar’s EZ2CY acrylic cabs are similar except they have flat acrylic panels in front to accommodate windshield wipers, or acrylic panels on the sides or back as needed. The company offers more than 575 patterns to fit a wide variety of machines.

Bolt-on operator enclosures require no welding
For permanent cab enclosures on open cab designs, Industrial Cab makes operator enclosures for hundreds of different off-road machines from huge dozers to compact equipment. Typical installations include wide access doors with large windows and windshield wipers. Bolt-on designs require no welding or repainting. Optional kits include heaters, defrosters and/or air conditioning. Safety glass is used throughout and sound suppression material is fitted for optimum performance and appearance. For cab configurations that are not already part of the company’s standard inventory, Industrial Cab also offers the ability to custom manufacture enclosures for volume orders.

Keep your cool with AC kits
Air-conditioning kits from Hammond Air Conditioning are available for any machine with a cab and an engine, according to the company, including skid steers. The kits are designed with integrated evaporators and controls. Most systems use a condenser mounted in the engine fan airflow. The heavy-duty condensers are designed for severe duty applications such as forestry and landfill applications and feature 1/4-inch plate construction cases and heavy-gauge sides.