Workzone safety: When zero is a good thing

Workzone fatalities have been a problem for a long time as a result of people driving too fast, not carefully enough or otherwise recklessly. And many states have cracked down to make drivers more careful of workers in construction zones. In my home state, there’s a mininum $375 fine.

Now the Associated General Contractors of America, or AGC, has called for federal and state to set a goal of reducing the number of highway work zone fatalities by 50 percent within the next two years

Stephen E. Sandherr, CEO of AGC, noted that the number of people killed in highway work zones has averaged 1,000 per year for the past decade, and says that it’s now time to set national and state-by-state goals to improve safety. 

According to AGC, Sandherr says that setting a two-year goal to cut those fatalities in half would put needed focus on improving workzone safety as stimulus-funded projects get underway.

Sounds like a great plan. This announcement is very appropo since it’s Workzone Safety Awareness Week. I say we go for a goal of zero. People need to turn down their radios, put their darn cell phones down, and keep their eyes on the road, especially when going through workzones.

For workzone safety tips from the Illinois Department of Transportation, click here.