Mobile Awareness unveils new tire pressure monitoring and maintenance system

Mobile Awareness, provider of transportation safety products, has unveiled the TireStat, a tire pressure monitoring and maintenance system (TPMS). TireStat TPMS is geared towards commercial trucks, trailers, off-road and construction vehicles.

The TireStat system maximizes fuel economy, enhances safety and extends the tread life of your tires. TireStat uses lightweight sensors that are externally mounted on the valve stems and allow air to be put into the tire without removal. TireStat sensors are preprogrammed by wheel position for installation ease, yet can be easily altered by the user. This design allows customers to optionally program their own warning alert levels by axle position, offering improved management of fuel and tire expense. For more information, contact Mobile Awareness toll free at 866-653-5036, or visit”target=”_blank”>