Roadbuilding Supplement

Make quick work of barrier placement
Easily place and remove concrete barriers with Construction Lifters’ concrete barrier grab, which enables hands-free use. A pressure grip design eliminates the need to attach chains – reducing damage to barriers while saving man hours. The barrier grabs are available in capacities ranging from 8,500 to 29,000 pounds, and handle barriers with a 6- to 12-inch nominal width at the top.

Rollers stop and start without leaving marks
Dynapac’s four new tandem asphalt compaction rollers include the 8- to 10-ton class CC224HF, the split drum CC234HF, the 10- to 12-ton CC324HF and the split drum CC334HF. The rollers feature soft starting and stopping to prevent bowing or cracking in the asphalt layers, as well as a safety feature that enables the machine to drop out of the soft mode and brake if the lever is moved quickly. A double pump vibration system eliminates the need for a vibration valve.

Move material faster with transfer vehicle
Boost production capabilities with Terex Roadbuilding’s CR662RM RoadMix material transfer vehicle and paver, which features a variable pitch in-hopper auger design that increases material throughput to exceed 500 tons per hour. The pitch spacing transitions from 10 inches in the front to 11 inches and then to 12 inches in the rear, channeling material efficiently for faster unloading.

Loader scale delivers real time results
Manage loads with the VEI Helper Mini in-motion loader scale from RMT Equipment, available for mini-loaders and skid steers. The Helper Mini weighing system manages weight control by receiving load information; when the boom reaches the weighing position, two sensors at the lift sensor measures the pressure in real time.

Portable sandbagger fills bags quickly, easily
Fill sandbags right where you need them with the HTC SandBagger, which fills a standard sandbag in two seconds. The unit is completely portable and eliminates hand shoveling.

Box blade accepts single or dual mast grading system
Double D Manufacturing’s SS Series box blade fits any skid steer and is available in 6- or 8-foot widths. GPS or laser mounting brackets are standard, and the SS Series uses either a single or dual mast electronic grading system. The side cutter blades are adjustable and replaceable, and dual grader blades enable forward and reverse grading.

Trailer’s hydraulic control runs three hydraulic operations
Simplify operation with Landoll’s 900 Traveling Tail trailer, which features one hydraulic control that manages three operations. No hydraulic lines, hinges or pins behind the tail ensure easy maintenance, and a four-beam positive cambered frame design enables more payload capacity. The Landoll 900 has a 24,000-pound tail lifting capacity and is full load bearing for stable dock loading.

Champion upgrades engines
Champion Motor Graders now feature Cummins QSB Tier 3 engines as standard on all models. The engines have in-cylinder emissions for increased performance. The engines also feature increased displacement, rear gear drive and a high pressure common-rail fuel system.

Lift with self contained unit
Attach Vacuworx’s self contained lifter to a variety of host machines including excavators, forklifts, wheel loaders, cranes and boom trucks. The lift handles materials such as steel plate, concrete slab and landscape rock, as well as steel, concrete, plastic and coated pipe.

Record and store events with data memory and GPS-equipped recording unit
Save time with Jamar Technologies’ RAC Plus III, which measures distances accurate to 1 foot per mile while recording GPS coordinates of roadway features. The unit stores up to 400,000 events in memory and the WinRAC Plus software program enables detailed analysis and reporting.

Reduce rock and demolition material with crusher attachment
Crush aggregate in place with FAE USA’s rock crushing attachment. Heavy duty tungsten-carbide hammers crush rock, stone, concrete and cement material to a usable size, eliminating the need for picking and hauling. The rock crushers are available in hydraulic or PTO drive and suitable for carriers such as tractors and skid steers.

Economy cranes offer range of features
Stellar’s line of economy cranes – the EC2K, EC3200 (shown), EC4000 and EC5000 – offer multiple features at an economical price. The telescopic cranes have radio remote control, true gear bearing rotation and integral rotation stop in a unit that features a low stowed height, shorter stowage length, strong piggy-back booms and improved strength winches and cylinders.

Experience clean release with trailer’s 50-degree dump angle
Haul up to 28 cubic yards of crushed concrete, road debris, dirt, gravel and boulders with Side Dump Industries’ trailers, which have a 50-degree dump angle for a quick, clean release. A lower center of gravity improves stability and safety, and the ability to dump from either side ensures load placement where you need it. The units are available in a choice of tandem, tri- or quad-axle trailers or converter dollies.

Blade tackles hard material
Maneuver in tight spaces with Roadrunner Construction Equipment’s Roadrunner blade. Featuring two forward cutting blades mounted on a steel frame with runners and side pans, the Roadrunner attaches to tractors and skid steers up to 150 horsepower. Improvements include lowering the mounting plate to simplify opening the cab door and eliminating the trip bar on the skid steer mounting plate. A serrated cutting edge penetrates and crumbles hard packed material.

Soil system handles soft, contaminated soil
Remediate contaminated soil and transform clay, peat, sludge and other soft soil into solid layers with Allu’s Stabilization System. The system’s power mixer mixes the soil while the pressure feeder simultaneously feeds additives directly into the ground. Capable of processing material layers 16.5 feet deep, the system reaches 39- to 130-cubic-meters per hour capacity depending upon soil type.

Planer’s design reduces dust and noise
Eliminate bouncing with Coneqteq/Universal’s open-drum design AP planer, which features a four-wheel front down design and center pivot that also reduces noise and dust. Available in electric or hydraulic control options, all models are pre-drilled for water kits. The units are available in 12- to 48-inch widths.

Packer/roller offers continuous compaction
Handy Hitch Manufacturing’s line of Profile Packer/Rollers no longer requires a separate lift assembly, shortening overall length by 20 inches and has an 18-inch ground clearance. The compact, lightweight, grader-mounted unit has three main pivot points linked by hardened steel pins and bushings to an arm assembly controlled by a hydraulic cylinder and central accumulator system, which ensures down pressure control.

ADT Series scraper offers increased versatility
Experience a smooth ride with K-Tec Earthmovers’ ADT Series, a line of scrapers designed to be compatible with articulated dump trucks. The design enables switching a six-wheel drive ADT truck between a material hauler or scraper power unit within hours.

Heavy duty engines offer increased service intervals
Experience continuous operation in ambient temperatures up to 122 degrees with Lister Petter’s Sigma Series water cooled diesel engines for gensets, which range in power from 18 to 34 kW. The three- and four-cylinder engines feature direct injection mechanical governing and 250-hour service intervals.

New roller series features choice of sizes, models
Hamm’s new HD+ Series of tandem asphalt rollers, introduced at World of Asphalt 2009, features a large operator’s platform and improved visibility. The HD+ 120 and HD+140 model articulated tandem rollers have operating weights of 13.2 and 15.4 tons with drum widths of 78 and 84 inches. Each size will be available in three models: vibration in both drums, vibration in front and oscillation compaction in rear or high frequency vibration to 4,020 vpm.

Reduce maintenance with paver’s self-diagnostics
Tackle highway and commercial paving with V