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Compact unit takes on range of tasks
Perform utility, telecommunications and landscape/irrigation projects with Ditch Witch’s RT55, the most compact of the company’s RT series. It features an integrated front cast weight that reduces counterweight requirements and helps provide balance when running attachments. The RT55 offers backhoe, reel carrier, trencher, vibratory plow and combination trencher/vibratory plow attachments.
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Edge attachment simplifies grading
Perform re-shouldering, sub-grading and blacktop preparation applications with CEAttachments’ Edge grader. The attachment features a 96-inch blade with a reversible and replaceable cutting edge and a low profile design for improved visibility. Options include an end plate that enables the operator to use the grader as a box blade and a laser system for precise control and grading.
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Compact swing excavator works in tight spaces
Experience practicality and performance with Liebherr’s R924 Compact Swing excavator, which will debut at World of Concrete. The 163-horsepower machine features the newly-developed Liebherr D936S diesel engine that meets Tier 3 regulations. The excavator’s swing radius is less than 6 inches to provide maneuverability in confined spaces, and a hydraulic quick coupler system enables quick attachment changes with the push of a button.
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Welder generator handles four types of weldng, plus arc gouging
Lincoln Electric’s Ranger 225 GXT welder generator delivers 225 amps of welding output and 10,500 watts of peak generator power. The unit has a fully enclosed case, which provides protection for the engine and reduces noise. The engine-driven welder handles stick, TIG, MIG and flux-cored welding, as well as arc gouging. The high capacity AC generator provides 9,000 watts of continuous generator power for plasma cutters, inverter welders, back-up power or power tool operation.
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Improve output with purpose-built pressure washer engine
Experience maximum output with Honda Engines’ line of general purpose engines, designed specifically for pressure washer applications. The engines – the GX200TQAPW, GX390T1QAPW (shown) and GCV190LAN5AP – feature induction components that enhance engine breathing. Improved engine cooling ensures maximum engine power to increase pressure washer output.
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Breaker’s design reduces overall service time
Bobcat’s HB280 hydraulic breaker attachment, for use with Bobcat large frame loaders and the 442 ZTS compact excavator, features an internal design with few moving parts for a reduction in service time. Designed for concrete and general demolition work, the breaker delivers 600 to 900 blows per minute through a 19.8- to 33-gpm hydraulic flow.
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Produce free heat from used oils
Clean Burn’s Used Oil Recycling Center is a self-contained heating and recycling system for used oils, including crankcase, ATF and hydraulic oils. The center accommodates most Clean Burn furnaces, has a 250-gallon storage tank and has an optional funnel kit and filter drain rack kit.
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Zero-tail-swing excavator enables work in tight spaces
Work in constricted environments with Terex’s TC50 compact crawler excavator, which features a zero-tail-swing platform for tight spaces and an offset boom for working close to objects. The TC50 has a maximum dig depth of 12 feet 2 inches, a 20-foot 4-inch maximum reach and bucket capacities of 2.5 to 13.2 cubic feet.
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Experience more power and longer reach with demolition robot
Brokk’s Model 400 remote controlled demolition robot delivers 50 percent more power than the Model 330. A three-section arm has a 23-foot horizontal reach and 25-foot vertical reach and features rapid positioning. The Model 400 can carry demolition attachments such as breakers, shears, buckets and grabs up to 1,322 pounds. A higher chassis setup enables the machine to climb obstacles such as piles of rubble.
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Leave the guardrail intact when performing berm removal
Grind curbs without touching the gutter with Coneqtec/Universal’s Berm Grinder, which features an offset design and low profile drum and housing. A center pivot design ensures the skid steer’s down force is directly over the cutting drum, and a side shift feature allows the cutting drum to reach under guardrails. The side shift and tilt functions are available with electric or hydraulic controls.
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Track time and attendance with JobClock System
Transfer time and attendance records from the field with Exaktime’s JobClock System, which now supports Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 systems. The timekeeping records can be reviewed and edited using TimeSummit software, and processed for accounting and payroll with Exaktime’s AccountLinx software. enables users to securely transfer records over the Internet.
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SuperPinner shoots pins to 2 9/16 inches in length
Shoot 1/2- to 2 9/16-inch-long concrete pins with Max USA’s GS865E SuperPinner, which holds 40 pins in the magazine. The SuperPinner features a sequential trip trigger, reversible belt hook, safety lock-out mechanism and one-step loading in a 9.7-pound unit. A battery, charger and carrying case are included.
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Electric cutter tackles tough materials
Cut and grind reinforced concrete, granite curbstone, slabs, bricks, metal beams, steel pipes and more with Hilti’s DCH 230 and DCH 300 (shown) electric diamond cutters. The cutters have a 2.6-kilowatt motor and cuts to depths of 3.4 and 4.7 inches, respectively. An intelligent electronic control system regulates motor power to suit both the material being cut as well as the pressure applied to the cutter. Low vibration increases operator comfort during extended usage.
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Power cutter’s design eliminates dust
Cut a variety of materials dust-free with Husqvarna Construction Products’ K 3000 Wet, an electric power cutter equipped with a wet cutting kit that regulates flow and concentrates the spray of water into a stream. The nozzles are designed to minimize water flow use and placed in specific positions along the blade guard, suppressing dust while reducing slurry.
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Software management tool tracks labor and equipment use
Track field data such as labor, equipment use and maintenance with About Time Technologies’ Foreman Center, a digital management tool that collects, delivers, manages and integrates job information with office accounting software. The system’s fingerprint recognition eliminates “buddy punching” and a mobile bar code scanner provides tracking capabilities.
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Quickly change skid steer into track loader
Use your skid steer as a track loader with Loegering’s VTS Versatile Track System, a complete rubber track undercarriage that bolts to the skid steer’s standard hubs. Forward placement of the front idler wheel improves flotation and stability. The system installs in less than an hour.
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Planer handles variety of jobs
Perform a wide range of applications including milling misaligned joints and prepping surfaces for coatings with General Equipment’s SP8/G Series II surface planer. The 5-horsepower unit has a 5/8-inch maximum cutting depth, 8-inch cutting width and a vertical wall cutting proximity of 3 1/4 inches. A screw-type positive-locking depth selector adjusts the cutting depth.
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Controlled power system prevents damaging blank fires
Eliminate blank fires with Chicago Pneumatic’s Controlled Power System Rivet Busters. The CP 4608 and CP 4611 deliver 8- and 11-inch tool strokes, respectively, and require 45 cfm of air for operation. When the rubber bumper is 75 percent worn, the outward movement of the rivet buster’s upper and lower sleeves opens bleeding ports for air, causing the piston to stop in its lower position, reducing the chance of equipment breakage.
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Combo unit handles rock and core drilling
Perform rock and core drilling applications with E-Z Drill’s Model 240B SRA Combo drill system. Eliminating the need for a separate drill system, the Combo drill’s conversion process can be quickly completed on the jobsite. The core drill uses a three-speed motor and requires 77 cfm for operation, while the rock drill requires 100 cfm. The Combo drill cores and drills 5/8-inch to 2 1/2-diameter holes and drills to 18 inches deep.
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Bucket scoops and crushes
Avoid paying to have material hauled away with Giberson’s Eco-Crusher line of excavator-mounted jaw crusher buckets, which scoop and crush a variety of material. The buckets are available in a range of sizes including the BF60, for 18,000-pound and larger excavators; the BF70, for 28,000-pound and larger excavators; and the BF120 (shown), for 68,000-pound and larger excavators.
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Breaker suitable for 15-metric-ton carrier
Perform demolition and secondary breaking applications with Atlas Copco Construction Tools’ SB 552, the largest in the SB line of hydraulic breaker attachments. The 1,149-pound SB 552 has a high power-to-weight ratio and delivers a maximum impact of 1,080 blows per minute. The breaker is suitable for carriers in the 9- to 15-metric-ton weight class. A one-piece design ensures simplified maintenance.
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Demolition hammer has reduced vibration
Metabo’s MHE 96 SDS-Max demolition hammer is useful for crack chasing, wall chasing or embedding pipe and conduit into concrete or block. Featuring VibraTech technology, the demolition hammer reduces vibration and user fatigue through an integrated damping system incorporated into the main and side hammers. An electronic speed control enables the hammer to maintain a constant number of blows per minute between load and no-load, and an electronic soft start provides precise control.
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Mix material quickly and efficiently with mixer line
Mix materials such as mortar, plaster, grout and stucco with Doosan Infracore Portable Power’s Ingersoll Rand MM-Series of mortar mixers. Available in six models, the MM-Series features abrasion-resistant drum material for longer life, and a durable steel paddle-shaft. A guard lift mechanism automatically moves the guard as the mix is flowing out of the mixer, allowing cleaner and more efficient material discharge.
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Spray farther with hydroseeder
Achieve a spraying distance of up to 320 feet from the discharge tower with Finn Corporation’s Titan Hydroseeder. A 170-horsepower turbo diesel Cummins QSB engine ensures power for large coverage areas, steep slopes and hard-to-reach areas. The Titan has three tank sizes available with working capacities of 2,500 to 3,600 gallons. The addition of a third mechanical paddle agitator enables the Titan to handle heaver products such as bonded fiber mixtures.
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Experience 3D capability with machine control system
Leica’s PowerGrade 2D dozer/grader 2D machine control system has a bright color graphic operator display and Leica’s PowerSnap concept for easy machine configuration. PowerGrade 2D provides cross-slope, sonic and laser sensor options for graders and dozers. PowerGrade 3D uses TPS and GNSS 3D positioning to suit a variety of jobsites. PowerSnap enables the PowerGrade 3D control panel to snap into the PowerGrade 2D system for full 3D capability.
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Breaker tackles large rock-breaking jobs
With an operating weight of 24,370 pounds and a 25,000-foot-pound class rating, Indeco’s HP 25000 breaker handles 10-inch diameter tools and fits excavators weighing from 135,000 to 330,000 pounds. The breaker delivers high impact strikes from 240 to 460 blows per minute. An intelligent variable speed and power system senses the hardness of the material being bro
ken, automatically adjusting the force per blow to improve efficiency.
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Floor coating resists spills
Krylon’s clean, coat and seal products for the concrete and masonry industry includes the Industrial Dura-Top Epoxy Floor Coating. The Dura-Top coating creates a high gloss, seamless surface that is hard wearing and resists spills and splashes.
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Hydraulic hammer fits variety of carriers
Experience extended service life and enhanced productivity with Allied Construction Products’ Rammer in-Series hydraulic hammer, which has no tie-rods, tie-bolts or side-bolts. The hammer is available in four models ranging from 1,800 to 2,100 blows per minute, and can be mounted on compact excavators, mini-skids, skid steers and backhoes.
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Improve efficiency with heavy-duty screed
Use up to a 20-foot equilateral triangle bar with Advanced Concrete Tools’ Black Beauty-HD screed, which features a stainless steel and cast aluminum frame. The screed’s suspension design offers improved vibration control for both the operator and the drive system, and an adjustable T handlebar design enables the operator to maintain the bar level. No lubrication is required on the bearings or shaft.
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Grade faster with machine control system
Topcon Positioning Systems’ 3D-MC2 machine control system can increase dozer speed during grading up to 200 percent, according to the company. The system speeds up the position calculation by a factor of 10, enabling faster positioning in real time. The system also provides a smooth finish.
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Software eliminates paper plans
InSite SiteWork Earthwork and Utility Estimating Software Version 8 now features image take-off along with its digitizer, CAD and data collector input capabilities. Take-offs from image files eliminate paper plans and digitizing and, combined with a laptop, provide a true portable take-off solution. InSite SiteWork calculates cuts and fills, stripping, strata quantities, subgrade materials, topsoil respread, areas, lengths, trench excavation and backfill. Print high quality 3-Ds, cross-sections, and scaled cut and fill plans. Create GPS machine control models and precision layout data with Field General Construction Layout Software.
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Easily lift materials, tools and equipment
Designed for easy installation and set-up, BetaMax’s Max Climber 1000 features 5-foot, 73-pound mast sections connected with 3 bolts. The hoist has a 400-foot maximum working height with a lifting capacity of 1,000 pounds and a 67- by 40-inch materials basket. The Max Climber 1000 is available with mounting clamps that may be used to attach to scaffolding or anchor to a building.
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Tap into free fuel source with waste oil heaters
Fleet and equipment repair garages can tap into their source of free fuel in the used oil they generate with the waste oil heater. Burning used oil in a Lanair heater is EPA approved and reduces used oil disposal costs and liability. From heater only packages to complete installations, Lanair waste oil heaters are now available in several options.
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