Cat unveils next gen mining trucks
Cat now offers both electric and mechanical drive mining trucks in its 200-ton and above mining trucks, and introduced four trucks at the show: the 240- to 250-ton class 793F (mechanical) and 793F AC (electric); the 345-ton 795F AC (pictured), available in electric drive only; and the 797F mechanical drive 380- to 400-ton payload machine. The 793F AC will be in field development throughout 2010.

Flatproofing fill uses 50 percent less oil, costs 25 percent less
Arnco’s Ecofil tire flatproofing fill uses renewable components and consumes 50 percent less petrochemicals in the production process. Arnco says the fill is as effective in performance as a polyurethane fill, while offering a 25 percent cost advantage. A 13.00-24NHS tire can be filled in less than 10 minutes, and pumped using conventional equipment.

Larger-model advances now on 250-metric-ton excavator
A successor to the R 994 Litronic, Liebherr’s R 9250 Litronic model have incorporated the advanced electronic, electrical and hydraulic systems of larger Litronic models. Powered by a 12-cylinder Cummins turbocharged diesel rated at 1,290 horsepower, the machine comes in either a standard backhoe or a shovel configuration. It has a 15 percent larger bucket than the R 994.

Drop tube extensions improve dust evacuation
Donaldson now offers drop tube extensions for its SRG, SSG Donaclone and PowerCore PSD air cleaners. When used as replacement to existing dust cup assemblies, the Dust Dumpa drop tube extension rubber connector vibrates during normal vehicle operation and gravity expels the pre-cleaned dust through the Donaldson Vacuator valve. A clear tube allows for immediate visual inspections. The system can be retrofitted to older air cleaners.

BridgestoneFirestone expands Bandag Continuum offering
BridgestoneFirestone Off Road has expanded its supply of hard-to-get tire retreads manufactured with Continuum tread rubber. The Continuum product is application specific, with retreads maintaining the same tread pattern and specifications of the original tire. The retreads typically cost 50 to 60 percent of the cost of a new tire, while offering 70 to 80 percent of the performance of a new tire.

Atlas Copco unveils top-of-line HB 10000
The HB 10000 hydraulic breaker by Atlas Copco weighs 10 metric tons and delivers 50-percent more impact energy than the company’s HB 7000, based on AEM ratings. Designed for primary rock breaking, the HB 10000 can offer an alternative to certain drilling and blasting operations. Other applications include heavy excavation and trenching projects. The breaker delivers an impact rate of up to 380 blows per minute and requires a 185-metric-ton carrier.

Lubrication for machines with exhaust after-treatment devices
ConocoPhillips’ 76 Firebird Heavy Duty EC15W40 engine oil is made from re-refined base oils and a tailored, low SAPS (sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur) additive. An API CJ-4 upgrade, the oil is also back serviceable for use in pre-2007 engines specifying previous API category lubricants. Advanced soot control disperses soot and minimizes soot-causing oil thickening.

Cast lip system offers safety, penetration
Esco’s EverSharp cast lip system features the Posilok Plus tooth system, which has a hammerless locking device. The EverSharp lip bottom and shroud are moved up and out of the wear path to reduce wear and improve loading with a more efficient bucket curl.

Vermeer promotes precision surface mining
Vermeer’s precision surface mining allows selective extraction of mineral seams in surface mining operations, using the Vermeer T1255 Terrain Leveler. The T1255 uses top-down cutting – a process that allows the cutter teeth to gain penetration without using the machine’s tractive effort to drive the teeth into the minerals. Producing small-sized material in a uniform configuration allows efficient material handling.

400-ton haul truck has high-efficiency dump body
The MT6300AC from Terex Mining has a front axle clearance of 36 inches and is powered by a MTU/Diesel C Series 3,750-horsepower engine. The AC drive system and a reductive wheel design allows the truck to pull away easily and quickly from the shovel. The curvature of the dump body’s front, floor and canopy facilitates easier dumping and the body has a life expectancy of 40,000 hours.