ASCC recognizes contractors with exemplary safety records

The American Society of Concrete Contractors recognized concrete contractors with outstanding safety records at the association’s annual conference in San Antonio, Texas. Recipients of the W. Burr Bennett Awards for Safety Excellence were Canyon Concrete of Farmington, Missouri, and Hensel Phelps Construction of Greeley, Colorado. The awards recognize one specialty contractor and one general contractor, respectively, that place the highest priority on safety.

The Best Safety Achievement Awards for the lowest incident rates were S.B. Ballard Construction of Virginia Beach, Virginia (over 250,000 work hours); L. Keeley Construction of Sauget, Illinois (100,000 to 250,000 work hours); and Scale Construction of Chicago, Illinois (less than 100,000 work hours).

Specialty contractors winning the Best Safety Achievement Awards were Walbridge East of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (over 250,000 work hours); Walbridge Concrete Services of Detroit, Michigan (100,000 to 250,000 work hours); and Albanelli Cement Contractors of Livonia, Michigan (less than 100,000 work hours).