Product Focus: Trailers – April 2008

Save time with trailer deck’s bucket pocket
Transport a variety of heavy equipment including loaders, excavators and cranes with Rogers Brothers’ 55-ton-capacity dropside trailer, which features a detachable gooseneck with front folding ramps, wheel pockets and removable center boards. A bucket pocket in the deck enables operators to haul excavators without breakdown, and an auxiliary battery powered system operates all trailer lights as four-way flashers when disconnected from the tractor.

Heavy transport trailer’s redesigned gooseneck improves stability
Haul large loads safely with Kalyn Siebert’s 13-axle heavy transport trailer, which has a redesigned scraper-style gooseneck for improved stability. The trailer’s West Coast-style suspension provides load equalization at each axle, and a horizontal four-pin design at the rear of the deck allows the deck and rear section ground clearance to be adjusted.

Uni-beam design increases strength-to-weight ratio
Improve hauling efficiency with Clement’s AXP aluminum end dump trailer, which has no deadweight in the exterior post design. The AXP features Clement’s uni-beam design, which increases the trailer’s strength-to-weight ratio and eliminates the need for longitudinals while reducing tare weight. The AXP is available in lengths from 24 to 39 feet in both frameless and quarter-frame models.

Trailer’s sloped deck front enables easy loading
Easily load and unload equipment with Fontaine’s Renegade LXL Lowbed, which has a sloped deck front and traction cleats. The trailer features a mechanical, removable gooseneck with fifth wheel guide rollers. The trailer’s capacity is 35 tons evenly distributed or 30 tons in 16 feet, and the 15-inch loaded deck height has 5 inches of ground clearance. The Renegade’s air-ride suspension has automatic and manual controls.

Tilt top trailer offers variety of features
The Trail Boss line of tag-a-long trailers includes the 22 1/2-ton tilt top model, featuring a 25-foot bed length with partial tilt, 8 1/2-foot width and 5-foot tongue with expanded metal bottom. Trailer features include an adjustable 3-inch pintle ring, high tensile safety chains, a protected wiring system with circuit breakers and 2-inch hardwood decking with a cleated rear deck.

Tilt trailer has heavy duty construction
Haul skid steers and other light construction equipment with Landoll’s LT1016, a 10,000-pound capacity tilt trailer with a 16-foot deck. The LT1016 has a cushion cylinder that tilts the bed and a heavy-duty bed lockdown to secure the bed during transport. Constructed from 6-inch channel main frame and 4-inch I-beam crossmembers, the LT1016 offers standard features including electric brakes, 6,000-pound torflex axles and 14-gauge formed fenders.

Keep everything organized in service trailer
Stahl’s service trailer has the organized side compartment storage of a service body combined with the full height interior storage of a trailer. Available in 12- and 16-foot models, the service trailer has both open floor storage and adjustable side shelving. Options include rear ramp doors, interior workbenches, generator compartments and ladder racks.

Deuce combines rear and side dumping in one trailer body
Double your efficiency with Crysteel Manufacturing’s Deuce two-way side dump, which combines rear dumping and side dumping in one body. The side dumping feature enables the operator to spread material while attached to a trailer. Available in 9- and 11-foot lengths, the Deuce comes equipped with the Lo-Boy double acting hoist with an 11-ton capacity.

Drive equipment onto trailer’s hydraulic platform
Load equipment faster with Advance Metalworking’s Lo Riser inclining platform trailer, featuring a 74-inch-by-14-foot-by-8-inch load carrying platform that can be hydraulically lowered to ground height with the flip of a switch. The deck’s 5-degree angle enables the operator to drive machines onto the trailer, allowing one person to load and unload equipment. The Lo Riser has a GVWR of 15,000 pounds and a 12,000-pound maximum payload capacity. Six “D” ring tie-downs secure equipment and built-in tie-down rails provide added security for other cargo.

Choose your options with custom lowboy
Perform a wide range of hauling jobs with Pitts Trailers’ 35-ton Contractor Special lowboy trailer. The trailer is available with standard options or can be custom built to the customer’s specifications. For difficult to load equipment such as pavers, double folding ramps are available.

Choose your length with beavertail trailer
Haul multiple pieces of equipment with TrailMax’s FWTRD-100-PR trailer, available in configurations up to 53 feet in length. The bi-fold beavertail has an 8-degree angle to simplify loading large equipment. Available options include outriggers and a self contained power pack.

Perform small jobs with Mini trailer
Haul large rocks, gravel, dirt and more with Side Dump Industries’ Mini trailer. Featuring a 34-cubic-foot water capacity and a heaping capacity of 41 1/2 cubic feet, the Mini also has a durable tub and 45-degree dumping angle. An adjustable hitch allows the Mini to hitch up to different heights. The Side Dump Mini trailer works with a standard 2-inch ball or draw bar hitch and 12-volt electric hydraulic pump or tractor hydraulic.

Refuel equipment quickly with trailer mounted system
Eliminate the need to install in- or above-ground tanks with Western Environmental’s Black Rhino system. The Black Rhino is a self contained fueling system on a twin-axle trailer that can be relocated from one jobsite to another, making refueling equipment more efficient. Available in 550-, 1,000-, 2,000- and 4,000-gallon capacities, the Black Rhino can also be custom ordered in other sizes.

HydraTail trailer has low clearance for tall loads
Haul tall loads worry free with Ledwell’s HydraTail trailer with mini deck and double drop, which features an 11 1/2-inch drop deck and low profile tires to provide ample clearance. The 53-foot-long, 102-inch-wide HydraTail has all steel construction and 16-inch steel fabricated beams. An 8-foot hydraulic tail has a 5-foot fold-under that unfolds to a 13-foot approach. Features include a 20,000-pound hydraulic winch mounted in the nose, removable ramps from rear deck to main deck and an anti-skid brake system.

53-foot-long D-Eagle show trailer offers variety of features
Transcraft’s 53-foot-long, 102-inch-wide D-Eagle show trailer features a 10-foot upper deck, an 18-inch king pin, aluminum crossmembers and a 1 1/8-inch aluminum floor with four apitong nailers. Additional features include a winch track with sliding winches and straps, recessed chain ties, storage boxes, an Air Weigh trailer scale, Tridem air ride, beveled front corners and aluminum disc wheels.

Transport equipment and more with Featherlite trailer
Haul parts and tools in addition to equipment with Featherlite’s Model 1610 trailer. Available in lengths from 8 to 18 feet, the 1610 is 6 feet 7 inches wide. Choose from options including a rear ramp, side door with screen, load lights and an aluminum lined ceiling and walls. The optional contractor package includes a side door, protective gravel guard, stabilizer jacks, dome light, six recessed tie downs and an e-track on the walls.

Lightweight trailer handles heavy loads
Deliver 2,000 pounds more payload than previous models with Trail King’s Advantage Series Live Bottom asphalt trailer. The Live Bottom trailer has 60-degree sloped walls for reduced load segregation during transport in a lightweight modular design. A 36-inch heat and oil resistant two-ply rubber continuous belt moves the load to the rear for discharge. A direct hydrostatic drive, double-reduction planetary gearbox and a solid one-piece shaft ensures a problem-free drive system.

Sixty-ton trailer available in range of axle configurations
Talbert Manufacturing’s 60-ton trailer, the 60 SA, has 2-plus-2-plus-2, 3-plus-1 or straight 4-axle configuration. Talbert features specialty-built trailers in a variety of sizes including 10- to 25-ton 2- and 3-axle tag-a-long trailers; 35- to 55-ton 2-, 3- and 4-axle lowbed trailers and Talbert’s SRG series with mechanical neck.

Haul mini-skid plus attachments on ProHauler trailer
Compact Power’s Boxer line of trailers provide enough room to haul a variety of attachments while still having space to maneuver a mini-skid or loader onto the trailer. The ProHauler system trailer includes up to 10 attachments plus the machine in the same package. The trailer is equipped with receptacle areas for each attachment, comes standard with chains and binders to keep the attachments in place while in transit and includes a 2-inch coupler for towing. These single- or dual-axle trailers weigh less than 6,500 pounds fully loaded and can be pulled by a 1/2-ton pickup truck.

Load small tire equipment easily with trailer’s low angle
Trail-Eze’s TE70XT features a low load angle in a trailer with no moving axles, allowing operators to load small tire equipment easily. Designed with hard-to-load equipment in mind, the TE70XT reduces parts wear-out and ensures the operator can push back under the load.

Eliminator’s fold-down side enables easy loading
Increase productivity with Truck Bodies and Equipment International’s Rugby Eliminator-MD, which offers multi-directional dumping ability in a combination of rear and side dumping. Choose from either the driver’s or passenger’s side to dump – the opposite side will fold down to simplify forklift loading. The Eliminator MD also has an EZ-Latch tailgate release mechanism.

Load angle lets operators drive equipment onto trailer
Transport a variety of equipment with Terex’s HFT 70RS trailer, specifically designed for hauling rental equipment. The trailer’s 6-degree breakover angle on folding tail, starburst decking and adjustable loading dock height up to 60 inches allows operators to drive equipment onto the trailer instead of winching it. The HFT 70RS has a 30,000-pound lift capacity and comes standard with an automatic hydraulic tail lock system.

Haul a wide range of equipment with drop deck trailer
Handle payloads up to 7,000 pounds with Bil-Jax’s drop deck Escalate ET 700 trailer. The 75-by-144-inch bed hauls scissors, skid steers and more. The trailer’s 6-degree load angle allows operators to drive equipment onto the trailer. Features include hydraulic surge or electric brakes, tie-downs and a heavy duty powder coated finish.

Safety features keep equipment secure while hauling
Haul skid steers and compact excavators safely with Towmaster’s T-14DD trailer. The T-14DD features a one-piece formed tongue and frame, 84-inch load width, a built-in safety lip and forged D-ring tie-downs. The trailer’s electric brakes have a self charging break-away system, and two 7,200-pound Dexter Torflex rubber ride axles have E-Z Lube hubs. Choose from 16-, 18- and 20-foot deck lengths and a 3-inch pintle ring or 2 5/16-inch ball coupler.

Protect equipment from wear and tear with trailer’s improved hydraulics
XL Specialized Trailer’s Super Slider offers a 15-degree extended dump angle and improved hydraulics to reduce equipment wear and tear. The trailer’s hydraulic lines run through an energy chain for protection, and the Super Slider has no center cylinder, just racks and pinion.

Reduce risk of equipment damage with tilt deck trailer
Eliminate navigating up and down trailer ramps with Bri-Mar’s 20-foot tilt deck trailer, the longest split deck tilt trailer in the company’s product line. The HT824D has a 4-foot stationary front deck for attachments or tools. The deck is raised and lowered via hydraulic system with a 20-foot corded remote or optional wireless remote. The 14,000-pound GVWR HT824D has a 33-inch deck height and 102-inch overall width, and comes equipped with Dexter EZ Lube axles, electric brakes, rubber mounted LED lights and a 7-way RV plug.

Trailer design offers multiple configurations
Change your hauling configuration with Rogers Brothers’ specialized Ultima trailers, which feature a detachable rear frame, interchangeable decks and detachable axles. The trailers are engineered for severe service applications with unitized frames and 100,000- and 130,000-psi materials. The NoFoot non-ground engaging gooseneck enables operators to raise or lower the deck 32 inches without a ram foot touching the ground.

Trailer’s curved deck enables easy loading
Choose from models ranging from 7.5 to 18 tons with Up-N-Atom’s retriever trailer, which features a curved deck for a low loading angle. Powered by the truck’s air system instead of hydraulics, Retriever reduces maintenance costs and cold weather delays. The trailer’s No Idle system enables the operator to load or unload 30,000 pounds with the truck’s engine off, and an automatic three-position deck extends to add four feet of deck length.

New I-beam crossmembers increase trailer’s strength
Trail King has improved their Advantage Series sliding axle trailer with the addition of I-beam crossmembers for increased strength. The trailer’s I-beams are constructed of one-piece web and flange material, and a special hydraulic cylinder eliminates traveling hydraulic lines. Additional standard features include a 12,000-pound hydraulic winch mounted on the front of the upper deck, two tool boxes in the upper deck, dual recessed winch rollers and rubber mounted sealed lights with a sealed harness system.

Maximize lift capacity with dump trailer hoist
Ensure maximum lifting capacity with Truck Bodies and Equipment’s trailer hoist, designed specifically for dump trailer applications. Featuring double acting cylinders with chrome plated shafts, the hoist comes in 3.2- to 16.7-ton lifting capacities for bodies from 8 to 24 feet long. A push-button control is pre-wired into the pump, and the hoist has fully greaseable pivot points and a trailer safety prop.

Hydraulic platform enables one person loading
Simplify loading and unloading with Advance Metalworking’s Lift-a-Load elevating platform trailer, which hydraulically lowers to ground height and raises to dock height while remaining level. In the lowest position, the trailer offers a low load angle for reduced gradeability or low ground clearance equipment. The Lift-a-Load is available with a straight tongue or gooseneck hitch in single- or dual-axle models, with capacities ranging from 4,400 to 15,000 pounds.