Product Focus: Horizontal grinders – June 2007

Reduce trees, brush, logging waste, asphalt to uniform product in one pass
Bandit’s Model 3680 Beast Recycler has a variety of screens and cutting and grinding tools, allowing you to tailor the end product, which can be mulch, compost, animal bedding, fuel or materials used in pressed board. The 3680 has a 33-inch-by-60-inch opening and is available in 395 to 700 horsepower. This mid-sized unit also comes in a self-propelled version with a Cat 325 undercarriage. Popular with self-propelled units, a thrower option allows material to be loaded into end-opening trailers or to be broadcast over the site. The model’s cuttermill cuts and splits material apart, as compared to other waste reduction machines that use a beating action. The raker system used on the Beast’s tool holder regulates the cut while providing protection for the mill in case the machine encounters contaminants.

Tackle adverse terrain conditions with tracked grinder
The HG6000TX horizontal grinder by Vermeer Manufacturing has a track undercarriage and advanced organic waste recycling technology. The machine features 20-inch or 24-inch double grouser track pads using sealed track rollers and compressed coil springs to provide increased traction in unstable ground conditions. The boxed track frame is set at a 2-degree tilt to provide increased ground clearance at the front of the infeed, allowing more clearance on approach angles when tracking up hills and other adverse terrain conditions. The unit’s Duplex Drum System offers reversible hammers and cutter blocks, nearly doubling hammer life.

High volume grinder aimed at land clearers, large mulch manufacturers
Nicknamed the “Boss Hog,” the 7600B Wood Hog by Morbark can reach production rates as high as 600 yards per hour (depending on the material) and has power options up to 1,000 horsepower. A satellite modem option – a wireless link between a service center and a piece of equipment – is now available through Morbark’s Iqan variable feed system and is standard on this model. With the satellite service option, Morbark technicians can diagnose a problem via satellite and send parts or fix a problem from the company’s headquarters. The machine’s hammermill design incorporates a laser cut mill with an 18-hammer pattern.

Compact grinder takes on variety of materials
The Packer 750 by Packer Industries has a 123-horsepower engine plus a 26-inch-wide-by-24-inch-high-by-72-inch-long hopper. The hopper lid hydraulically opens and closes for safety and dust suppression. The grinder is capable of processing sheet rock, framing lumber, green waste and leaves, masonry blocks and bricks, asphalt pavement, cardboard and roofing shingles. The direct-drive, fully reversible drum has a 30-inch diameter and a 26-inch input throat. Various screen sizes from 1 to 5 inches are available.

Grinder has massive hammermill
The DZH 700 horizontal grinder by Diamond Z is built for large, difficult grinding applications. With horsepower options ranging from 860 to 1,000 and a hammermill with 30 140-pound hammers, the unit has production capacities in excess of 1,000 yards per hour. The machine has a 68-inch-by-50-inch infeed opening and a 66-foot-by-55-inch feed roller that automatically adjusts to material height. Components can be easily accessed, allowing for reduced maintenance time and cost.

Easily transportable on standard lowboy
CBI’s newest track machine, the Magnum Force 6800-T, has a total weight of about 78,000 pounds, making it easily transportable on a standard lowboy. Built specifically for land clearing companies and yard waste processors who demand high volume throughput, the machine can grind whole trees as fast as a 30-inch chipper, according to the company. The unit has a clamshell opening for ease of maintenance, a high torque, hydrostatic feed system, twin-disc hydraulic clutch and a choice of two Cat engines. The 4-inch-thick, high- strength rotor core is shear-pin protected, and the entire system is controlled by CBI’s IntelliGrind logic that uses feed speed that varies automatically with engine load. Other features of IntelliGrind include an optional modem communications system providing real-time diagnostics and operating program adjustments. The machine is available in portable, stationary or track-mounted versions.

Convert raw material into valuable end products
Peterson Pacific’s 6700B horizontal recycler – designed for size reduction of large quantities of mixed landfill, construction and wood materials – is powered by a 1,000-horsepower Caterpillar 3412E diesel. The feed opening of 50 by 60 inches allows the unit to process massive stumps that used to be reserved for tub grinders. The third-generation adaptive control system controls all components of the feed system to optimize output. It monitors the grinding load and varies the speed of the feed system to keep the engine working at the top of its power curve. It automatically accelerates the feed system when the engine load is light, slows it when the load is high and reverses it when the engine speed hits a pre-set level. It also keeps track of engine temperature and varies the speed of the cooling fans to optimize cooling while minimizing power usage and reducing fuel consumption.

Infeed roll permits continuous feeding of everything from grass clippings to stumps
The Precision Husky ProGrind H-3060 horizontal grinder has a large-diameter infeed roll that is sensitive enough to permit grass clippings, brush, limbs, pallets, slabs, logs and stumps to be fed at variable speeds for continuous rather than batch feeding. The grinder is engineered with several cutting surfaces at varying depths, which virtually eliminates jamming. Rotating downward, the double-cut hammermill momentarily wedges the incoming heads and cutter bar, limiting the depth of cut. This prevents wide items from lodging between the screen and the hammermill. The large-diameter feed wheel allows easy access to the hammermill and to the changeable screens.