Machine enhancements

Dual-grade laser for multiple applications
AGL’s GradoPlane 10 dual-grade laser has four modes: level, vertical, side slope for site preparation and drain lines, and dual slope for compound grades up to 10 percent in either axis.

  • Automatic grade range is -10 percent to +10 percent in X, Y and Z axes in increments of 0.001 percent
  • Electronic self-leveling in horizontal and vertical
  • Waterproof metal housing

Combine the strength of a steel track with the advantages of rubber tracks
McLaren Industries’ Hybrid Series steel-reinforced rubber tracks allow compact
excavators to handle the most extreme ground conditions.

  • Composed of a steel track base with a removable rubber pad bolted to each track section
  • Can be used as a direct replacement to existing rubber tracks on more than 700 models of equipment without changing sprockets, rollers or idlers
  • Doesn’t require changing undercarriage components

Lift yourself up to 8 feet above regular position
The PWCE hydraulic cab riser can lift you up 6 to 8 feet, helping you to safely see inside a truck bed.

  • You can see to even out a load and fill all available space
  • Allows a better view of a demolition jobsite by the ability to adjust the cab tilt angle 45 degrees front and back
  • Can be adapted to all excavators

Give your hydraulics extra oomph
HKX supplies complete hydraulic kits for excavators, which include all components, instructions and support.

  • Selection of kits for both current and out-of-production machines and attachments
  • New attachment control technology upgrades available for all kits
  • Bolt-on designs eliminate welding

Open-bar design gives traction and flotation
Grouser’s Bar Tracks provide over-the-tire track flexibility to skid steers.

  • Open-bar design uses the tire to provide traction and flotation
  • 2-inch-wide bars are 30-percent larger than the company’s previous tracks
  • Larger traction bars for improved track-to-tire grip
  • Reduces tire wear in abrasive conditions

Machine-mounted display convenience
The MR240 laser receiver from Agatec Construction Lasers offers the convenience of a machine-mounted display at an economical price.

  • 240-degree detection of any rotating laser
  • Attaches to excavator arm with extra strong magnets built into back plate
  • Large release lever allows easy positioning of receiver

Automatically control your blade
The Apache Tornado F2 laser-based grade control system automatically controls the blades of dozers, skid-steer loaders, motor graders, box blades and scrapers.

  • Incorporates a dual-control box and two laser receivers
  • Mounted above the cutting edge of the blade
  • Directs the machine’s hydraulics to maintain the elevation of the blade

Add cab enclosures to your present fleet
Hoffco Comet Industrial Cab offers operator enclosures for Caterpillar, Case, John Deere and Komatsu machines, in addition to Case 585G, 586G and 588G rough-terrain forklifts.

  • Custom designed for use with Case factory ROPS canopy
  • Standard equipment includes dual, two-speed windshield wipers, a two-speed rear wiper and door locks common with ignition
  • Optional three-speed heater package, defroster fan and air conditioning package

Safety monitor withstands harsh conditions
The SV-LCD70B compact thin film transistor monitor by Safety Vision can withstand hard environments while allowing you to see clearly around your machine.

  • Widescreen, 7-inch monitor features up to two camera inputs and switchable camera views with multiple display modes
  • Operates on 12 volt direct current power
  • Turns on automatically when vehicle transmission is put into reverse

Excavator depth monitor has two references
The depth monitor from Ocala Instruments has two separate references that can be used simultaneously.

  • Measure depth from the rotating laser and local measures with the bucket tip at the same time
  • Allows the operator to dig a perfect depth from the laser light, with or without slope, then measure horizontal widths or slopes locally, then go back to laser mode without losing the reference.

Finish grades up to 1/8-inch accuracy
ATI’s Level Best laser grading box’s proportional hydraulic system makes adjustments automatically and can be equipped with Apache, Laser Alignment, Trimble or Topcon lasers.

  • One operator can finish grade up to 50,000 square feet in an 8-hour day, according to the company
  • Tractor-mount and skid-steer-mount boxes available
  • Widths range from 48 through 108 inches

Take your excavator to a higher performance level
Leica Geosystems’ DigSmart 3D machine automation control system will eliminate the need to install conventional survey stakes or string lines and offers three tools.

  • The TrenchTool mode carries out complex trenching tasks, guiding you exactly where to dig, and the width of the cut and depth to be reached
  • SlopeTool mode ensures that you do not over excavate
  • RampTool establishes height-position planes keyed to elevation data

Designed for 1-ton and larger pickups
Use the Mattracks Model 200 series rubber tracks to convert your 1-ton or larger pickup into a high traction vehicle.

  • 18-inch-wide rubber track
  • Delivers minimal heat build up, improved durability and greater fuel economy
  • Built-in suspension provides a smooth ride over rough terrain, and in mud, sand, snow, swamps and muskeg

Convert your excavator into an amphibious machine
Wetland Equipment’s amphibious undercarriage kit can be mounted to any size or brand of excavator, with numerous attachment options such as auxiliary power packages to drive ditchers, tree cutters, pile hammers and shredders.

  • Allows the machine to float and maneuver in deep or shallow water
  • Can cross marshes, bayous, canals and climb 60-degree inclined banks without using the machine’s bucket to pull
  • Has been used by pipeline, road and levee construction crews

Give your skid steer additional traction
TracksPlus steel tracks from Components Plus attach to skid steers, allowing them to maneuver in areas that would previously bog them down.

  • Constructed of Marbain material for up to 1,800 hours of use
  • 10-, 12- and 14-inch track assemblies
  • Can be easily put on and taken off

Rubber track bolts directly onto skid-steer hubs
The VTS-Versatile Track System by Loegering Mfg. rubber track undercarriage bolts directly to your skid steer’s standard hubs.

  • Delivers independent suspension for a smooth ride
  • Bolt-on design takes less than two hours to install
  • Available in 12-, 15- and 18-inch wide tracks

Track installs in 30 minutes
Solideal’s Over-the-Tire Rubber Track gives your skid steer similar traction and flotation to that of a track loader.

  • Minimizes ground disturbance
  • Allows you to work on lawns or soft ground without sinking
  • Enables you to cross driveways and sidewalks without scuffing or chipping the concrete

All the information you need to expedite excavation tasks
Topcon’s 3DXi system lets you see your excavator’s exact position in relation to the site, allowing precise positioning over utility center lines.

  • You can also see the position of the bucket teeth compared to the finish design, helpful in deep cuts, blind excavations or when working around structures
  • Multiple views (plan, profile, section) display real-time movement of the bucket, stick, boom and entire machine
  • Easy-to-view color cut/fill indicator for instant grade verification

Gain all-around visibility with the Backeye
Brigade Electronics’ Backeye rear-view CCTV systems offer an array of cameras, monitors and control units enabling you to gain visibility around your machine.

  • Can be mounted inside or out
  • 800 Series offers multi-camera capability, allowing rear, forward and side views around a machine
  • Satellite navigation data can also be viewed on the LCD flat screen color monitors inside the cab