Latch coupler by mechanical or hydraulic means
WagMann Attachments’ Wedgelock excavator coupler system comes in either mechanical or remote hydraulic latching versions.

  • Fits most excavators weighing between 4,000 and 240,000 pounds
  • Lower the excavator-attached coupler to the bucket’s front pin, engage the front pin, and rotate the coupler to engage the back pin
  • With both pins engaged, the locking wedge extends beneath the back pin, providing a secure connection

Claw auto-lock quick coupler prevents accidental attachment release
Geith’s Quick Coupler safety system uses a positively activated pin-lock that must be powered off to release an attachment.

  • Auto-lock is visible from cab and easy to interpret
  • Allows complete monitoring of attachment’s status during operation
  • Available in hydraulic or manually operated models

Hydraulic quick coupler reduces loss of breakout force
M.C. Faulkner & Sons low profile quick coupler reduces the loss of breakout force and the size of thumb required.

  • Double-locking system with spring loaded cylinder to help prevent cylinder release if hydraulic pressure is lost
  • Made from HardOx 400 and 500 for strength and durability
  • Works with machines weighing 18,000 to 100,000 pounds

Excavator coupler lock prevents unintended release of attachments
The Cynch Excavator Pin Grabber quick coupler by PSM has five safety locks built into the coupler – hydraulic load lock, lock indicator, Cynch lock, spring lock and torque lock.

  • Operator can change attachments from cab
  • Low profile design is thumb-friendly

Excavator constant locking feature means coupler is always in safe mode
Wedgelock Equipment introduces the I-Lock Multi-Model hydraulic quick coupler. Double acting hydraulic cylinders have an integrated pilot operated check valve for safe operation from the cab.

  • Independent hydraulic circuit for safe cylinder operation
  • In-cab features include unlock buzzer and a rotary lock switch with warning light
  • Locking principle eliminates movement between the wedge plate and pin
  • Fits excavators up to 100 metric tons