High horsepower cold planer compatible with backhoes and wheel loaders>
Zanetis’ Road Hog planer and stabilizer for backhoes and wheel loaders has a cutting drum that side shifts 26 inches from center to the operator’s right for cutting against curbs.

  • Available in cutting widths of 30, 40 and 60 inches
  • 5-inch tooth standoff decreases drag and improves mixing characteristic
  • Deutz 4-cylinder, 75-horsepower diesel engine is standard on the 30-inch model; 40-inch model has 75- or optional 130-horsepower engine; 60-inch unit has 130-horsepower engine

SSG Slot Cutters feature patented roll-in control
Skid steer operators can keep their hands on the controls at all times with the Coneqtec/Universal SSG Slot Cutter when cutting a clean edge for pothole repair, pavement cracks and parking lot patches.

  • Cuts 9 or 12 inches deep at 5,000 psi
  • Cut depth changes using skid steer controls
  • Available with backhoe mounts

Low profile pick-up broom offers better road visibility
Coneqtec/Universal’s low profile Pickup Broom improves sweeping efficiency by reducing the height material is lifted.

  • Operates in forward and rearward sweeping modes
  • Controlled downforce reduces bristle side wear
  • Available in 60- or 72-inch widths
  • Options include a gutter broom, caster wheels, sprinkler system and brush type

Asphalt milling attachment cuts above grade on steep slopes
Maddock’s BackHoe Mill connects to backhoes to make pavement cuts, grind shelf rock and outcroppings.

  • Cuts up to 12 inches deep
  • Strong downforces penetrate pavement while maintaining depth control
  • Can attach to excavator remote hydraulic system for vertical wall face milling

Mud Hopper moves concrete to small spaces
The Mud Hopper sets fence posts, pours walls, sidewalks, footings and floors.

  • Compact gravity fed hopper attaches to skid-steer loaders and forklifts
  • Operator controls the hydraulic hopper door from inside the loader or forklift
  • Compact design gives operator better view for multiple and precise pours

Rotary cutter drum attachments come in two configurations
The RG72 RotoGrader Series I cutter drum attachment bolts to the motor grader moldboard for cutting on roadways and shoulders. The Series II cutter drive system replaces the moldboard and allows cuts outside the tires on both sides of the grader.

  • Both machines have self-contained engines available in 160 horsepower, 200 horsepower and 225 horsepower
  • Useful for bump-cutting, surface milling on pavement and shoulder maintenance

Multi-gang dowel drill accommodates three to six drills requiring 100 cfm
E-Z Drill’s Model 210 Eq. Mt. easily mounts to backhoes or excavators. Pneumatic drill motors drill two sets of holes without moving the boom.

  • Standard side-shift feature has nylon wear pads to prevent jamming or sticking
  • Automatic drill shut offs extend drill life
  • Floating bucket curl pin allows fast positioning
  • Safety swivel locks ensure safer transporting

Side shift quick hitch plate on drill unit makes drill positioning easier
Minnich Manufacturing’s H-3SS skid steer mounted hydraulic drill unit lets operator side shift entire unit.

  • Drills up to 6 drills per unit
  • Mounts on skid loader or backhoe
  • Available with hydraulic or pneumatic drills

Asphalt cutting attachment clamps to backhoe dippersticks or wheel loader buckets
General Equipment’s 130C Cut-R-Tach twin-screw pivot clamps fit most bucket shapes and sizes with up to 2 1/2-cubic-yard capacity.

  • Requires no special tools, adapters or modifications
  • The 13 1/2-inch-diameter heat-treated alloy steel cutting blade cuts asphalt to a maximum depth of 5 inches
  • Attachment performs in forward and reverse cutting modes
  • Useful for asphalt road patching, scoring and edging and water and sewer work