Shield workers from harsh elements
Keep workers cool on the jobsite while protecting them in dangerous work environments with Gateway Safety’s Serpent ventilated safety helmets. Six vents along the peak of the helmet make up the CoolSense Air Flow System, so heat can escape and keep users cooler. The helmet’s snake-like shell design provides durable protection and a rain trough to help keep rain off workers. Additional comfort features include a soft, six-point nylon suspension for impact absorption. Both pin-lock and ratchet suspension adjust the nylon suspension to fit head sizes from 6-5/8 inches to 8-1/4 inches. Available in 10 colors, the Serpent’s high-density polyethylene material keeps it lightweight at 13.1 ounces.

Shock-absorbing case protects onsite technology
Protect your laptop, handheld device or Smartphone from drops, bumps, rain, snow, dust and dirt with rugged construction cases from OtterBox. The rigid, hard plastic OtterBox case safeguards devices by using standard off-the-shelf technology. Medium crush-proof and water resistant cases are available for laptops with 15-inch screens. The case’s power port allows contractors to plug in the computer without having to take it out of the case. OtterBox laptop cases can also be used to protect slates, tablets and convertible tablet PCs.

Rubber tracked utility vehicle glides easily over slippery conditions
All Season Vehicles introduces the new Scout SC-50, a rubber tracked utility vehicle with high maneuverability for rugged settings. Powered by a Perkins 404C-22 diesel engine containing four in-line cylinders, the Scout has a peak torque of 105 feet per pound and a displacement of 134 inches. The vehicle’s undercarriage suspension offers the same technology used in ASV’s earthmoving equipment to provide operator comfort and load retention in the bed. Ten rubber wheels disperse weight across a 15-inch-wide track and a sprocket with roller system so the machine runs smoothly, quietly and efficiently. A high traction powertrain allows the Scout to run over slippery conditions such as mud or snow, while a 5,000-pound towing capacity supplies strength for heavy loads.

Haul 12 percent more payload
Transcraft boosted the gross vehicle weight rating on its standard duty flatbed trailer from 65,000 pounds to 73,000 pounds. This 8,000-pound increase, effective on all 2008 Transcraft standard duty flatbeds, allows customers to haul 12 percent more payload. The trailer’s new design incorporates higher strength materials to make the additional capacity possible. Transcraft flatbed models, including the Eagle, the Eagle II and the TL-2000, are available in standard duty, heavy duty and extreme duty capacities.

Pump large quantities of water without the wait
Multiquip’s new InstaPrime pumps move large quantities of water for a wide range of applications, including dewatering, sludge, sewer bypass and well point jobs. The InstaPrime series handles up to 5,000 gallons per minute in model sizes ranging from 6 to 12 inches. Powered by a choice of 40- to 96-horsepower Deutz diesel engines, these pumps showcase heads of up to 143 feet and can generate lift of 30 feet. Additional features include a patented screw-type impeller to increase flow and a 15-gallon fuel tank for extended run times. The pumps can also handle solids up to 3.6 inches.

Automatic laser level provides accuracy for long distances
Laser Reference’s Pro Shot Alpha offers one button automatic laser leveling for long-range construction jobs, such as large building pads, commercial foundations and grade checking – or use it as a manual grade laser that self levels in the cross axis. When the instrument completes its initial leveling, the Elevation Alert program begins monitoring for accuracy affecting disturbances. Accurate to +/- 10 arc seconds, the Alpha has a working diameter of 2,000 feet and runs for more than 100 hours on alkaline batteries. An ABS housing enables the instrument to survive jobsite drops and provide reliable service. The laser diode, optics and electronics are fully enclosed and the unit meets the International Electrotechnical Commission’s IP56 rating for protection from dust and water.

Modular mixing unit offers mounting flexibility
Powered by either a 25-horsepower Kohler gas engine or 22-horsepower Hatz diesel engine, the Vermeer MX240 Modular Drilling Fluid Mixing System enables fast and efficient high-volume mixing of drilling fluid for large diameter and longer distance horizontal directional drilling applications. The system supports a 750-gallon or 1,000-gallon mining tank. It also includes a Monarch 20 MGK-GS 3-inch centrifugal pump and venturi mixing hopper featuring a direct injection hose, which allows the operator to inject drilling additives directly into the tank. The molded tank and power pack attach to the mixing tank support frame and its modular design provides mounting flexibility.

Synthetic lubricant enhances performance in subzero temperatures
Chevron’s Delo brand has introduced Delo Synthetic Gear Lubricant SAE 75W-90, suitable for use in rear axles and differentials for fleets in the commercial transportation and construction markets. The new gear oil improves performance in subzero temperatures by offering thermal and oxidation stability. The lubricant also meets SHAES 256 Rev C, a new specification by Dana that requires operating procedures be run at -40 degrees Celsius, as well as all OEM specifications. Benefits include improved equipment durability, less churning losses and fuel economy gains, particularly at low operating temperatures.

Move heavy loads with precision control
The new SK210LC Acera Mark 8 hydraulic excavator from Kobelco Construction Machinery America uses bucket and arm digging forces with precision control to handle tough digging jobs, along with fine grading and leveling applications. Equipped with a Tier 3, six-cylinder diesel engine with intercooler turbocharger, the SK210LC has an operating weight of 47,800 pounds, digs up to 22 feet and offers a maximum reach of 31 feet 11 inches at ground line. The engine provides 490 foot-pounds of net torque at 1,200 rpm – an increase of 14 percent from previous models. Swing torque on the new machine has also been increased by 10 percent, making it easier to move heavy loads.

Cutter head adapts to fit a variety of boring machines
Manufactured from high strength steel, American Augers’ durable Auger Boring Disc Cutter Head maximizes performance in various geological formations and withstands the severe loading of mixed face conditions. Available in 24- to 60-inch sizes, the retractable head allows the operator to accomplish cutter change and service outside of the heading. To achieve longer life and enhance stability, the cutter head mounts to the casing. Retraction from the face occurs without moving the product casing due to the head’s large diameter. Cutter heads 36 inches and greater are equipped with power assisted steering jacks so steering corrections can be made.

Handheld device accepts data from any electronic diesel engine
Cummins has combined the power of a portable computer and proprietary engine-monitoring software into one handheld device. The QuickCheck 5100 captures and reads engine data faster – helping transportation and industrial professionals to better manage vehicles and operations. Built for extreme environmental conditions, this rugged, weather-resistant device connects to any electronic diesel engine by using standard J1587 or J1939 data links with supplied 6- or 9-pin cables. The 3.8-inch backlit LCD screen offers touch-screen navigation for simple operation and a supplied USB cable allows users to link their QuickCheck 5100 to a desktop PC. The device runs on the Windows CE operating system and has QuickCheck CE and PowerSpec CE applications.