Product Review: World of Asphalt 2007

Separate auger, conveyor systems improve material control
The road development division of Ingersoll Rand – recently bought by Volvo Construction Equipment – has launched a new trio of pavers, one tracked and two rubber tire that feature separate auger and conveyor systems with their own sensors to provide greater control over material flow. Both styles offer 14.4-ton hoppers and 205-horsepower engines. The tracked version, PF-6110, paves at speeds up to 246 feet per minute. The wheel-mounted PF-6160 and PF-6170 offer paving speeds of 293 feet per minute. The PF-6160 comes without front wheel assist; the PF-6170 offers two-wheel assist or an optional four-wheel assist. On all three pavers, a hydrostatic drive system results in 70 percent fewer drivetrain components than a comparable mechanical system. Automatic tensioning of the conveyor chains optimizes performance and reduces downtime, and the self-cleaning chain cover reduces maintenance chores. Dual control stations rotate and pivot, and each seat can be extended beyond the edge of the machine for better visibility of the work area. To help keep things clean, a built-in Blaw-Kote release agent spray system operates with the push of a button. All three models offer a 10-foot-wide screed and a maximum paving width of 26 feet.

Compact cold planer tackles confined spaces
Milling machines aren’t known for their tight-space maneuverability, but the compact design and 60-degree conveyor swing of the new Roadtec RX-400 help contractors work more efficiently on shoulders and other confined work areas. The rear-mounted drum on RX-400 allows you to start the cut directly in front of curbs, fences, walls or other obstructions. The machine mills widths of 2, 3 and 4 feet with a maximum depth of 12.5 inches. Propelled by a 325-horsepower Caterpillar C9 engine, the RX-400 boasts a top operating speed of 172 feet per minute.

Compact roller vibrates front and rear
On the new HD 14 VV compactor from Hamm, both the front and rear drums vibrate, individually or in tandem, in automatic or manual modes. The drums measure 54.3 inches wide but offer a working width of 56.3 inches when offset. The HD 14 VV weighs 9,248 pounds static and puts out 14,625 pounds of vibratory impact force in high amplitude and 9,000 pounds in low amplitude both front and rear. A 40-horsepower Hatz diesel engine drives the unit and hydrostatic, articulated steering helps maneuverability. The sloped front hood adds visibility and the ergonomic driver’s platform keeps you comfortable over the course of a day. Three braking systems and an emergency stop button increase safety on and around the machine.

Engine boosts torque, load sensing hydraulics save fuel
A 60-horsepower Cummins engine boosts torque output 40 percent on Bomag’s new 4413 asphalt paver compared to previous models. The paver operates at working speeds of up to 160 feet per minute and its load sensing hydraulic system saves on fuel consumption by delivering power only when needed. The redesigned undercarriage has welded steel crawler style components and six sealed rollers per side. Bolt-on rock guards inside and outside each track drive stop asphalt from clogging up the chains. The track drives are bolted to a cross member frame and can be removed for maintenance. With 7.5 tons of hopper capacity and 24-inch dual conveyors the 4413 can pave widths ranging from 8 to 13 feet. The 30-inch screed extensions are hydraulically activated and single ratcheted for quick adjustment of height and angle of attack. Dual augers extend with the screed extensions for consistent material control.

Small paver packed with big features
Combining highway class technology in a paver sized for small jobs such as bike and walking paths, the new 57-horsepower Vogele Super 700 offers an electrically heated screed capable of paving a 6-inch deep mat. The Super 700 achieves paving speeds up to 98 feet per minute and holds up to 5.5 tons of asphalt in its hopper for a laydown rate of 220 tons per hour. With its hydraulically extendable screed, the unit can pave from 1.64 to 10.5 feet wide. Bolt-on extensions are full depth and full function and the screeds can be crowned hydraulically from minus-2.5 to plus-4.5 percent. The feed augers are driven independent of the conveyors and both are reversible. Mechanical levers aid in precise material handling and sonic sensors are available as an option. The hopper sides fold up, giving you the ability to drive the Super 700 in a footprint of 43 inches and pave to within 2 inches of walls, buildings, landscaping and other obstacles.

Mid-size mill cuts to full course depth
Wirtgen has added a new Model W 120 F cold milling machine to its lineup that can be fitted with wheels or tracks. The unit mills 4 feet wide and to a depth of 12.6 inches, removing asphalt courses to their full depth. The W 120 F replaces Wirtgen’s W 1200 F/T and runs off a 280-horsepower Cummins engine. After milling the asphalt, the W 120 F loads it to the front via a larger two-part conveyor system. Wirtgen’s optional Flexible Cutter System gives you the ability to quickly change to a wide variety of different drum widths and line spacings.

No-spin axle helps roller on slopes
Weighing in at 12 tons, Stone Construction Equipment’s 130-horsepower Rhino 84X soil compactor comes with a smooth drum and can be equipped with an optional padfoot drum kit. Its 84-inch drum vibrates at two amplitudes: 42,743 pounds and 62,989 pounds. A ZF, no-spin differential axle aids maneuverability and the boosts the compactor’s ability to climb slopes. The operator environment includes flip-up arm rests and a 4-in-1 vibration and directional control lever. The hydraulically opening engine hood and easy access filters and components reduce service-related downtime.