Product Focus: Concrete equipment

Dispense up to 300 cubic yards per hour with CemenTech mixer
Choose from a wide range of sizes with CemenTech’s volumetric concrete mixers. Mobile and stationary dispensers have material capabilities from 2 to 12 cubic yards and production rates from 15 to 300 cubic yards per hour. CemenTech’s mixers can also produce concrete mix designs such as pervious, self-consolidating, rapid-set, slurry, zero slump, gunite and shotcrete.

Screed King eliminates honeycomb effect; speeds finishing time
Crown Construction Equipment’s Screed King allows one person to do the work of two compared with traditional 2-by-4 screeding. The Screed King has a power bar and power transfer system that produces a high frequency vibration to eliminate the honeycomb effect while speeding finishing time. The Screed King also features simple handle bar adjustments and requires no tools to remove the board. Improvements from previous models include 75 percent less vibration in the operator’s hands, better concrete consolidation and improved board integrity.

Mix concrete on the jobsite with Elkin mobile concrete mixers
Eliminate problems with ready-mix concrete with Elkin’s line of 1- to 10-cubic yard mobile concrete mixers. The custom-designed mixers transport sand, aggregate, water, cement and admixtures to the jobsite, where they are batched and mixed at the point of delivery to exact specifications. The mixer enables the operator to adjust precise amounts of each ingredient when raw materials enter the mixing auger. The notched auger flighting permits backflow that aids the mixing process and produces a thoroughly blended mix.

E-Z Drill system fits in 4-foot patch and drills to an 18-inch depth
E-Z Drill’s Model 210B SRA drills 5/8- to 2 1/2-inch diameter dowel holes in all types of concrete paving jobs such as patching or lane additions. The drill fits in a 4-inch patch and drills as deep as 18 inches. The Model 210B SRA requires a minimum 100 cfm of air. The drill is adjustable for vertical drilling and an adjustment for skew drilling is included.

Combihammer provides drilling power in compact package
Hilti’s new TE 50 Combihammer has a 1,050-watt motor and hammering mechanism for drilling holes up to 1 inch in diameter. The Combihammer provides a constant drilling speed despite power source fluctuations and an efficient cooling system for reliable performance and minimal downtime. The standard theft protection system has a company card, activation key and electronic module. If the tool is stolen it will lock after 20 minutes and cannot be restarted without the activation key. The Combihammer features an ergonomic design with D-grip in a lightweight, compact package.

Cut high-reinforcement concrete with Cobra Diamond Wire blade
Husqvarna’s Cobra diamond wire blade cuts medium- to high-reinforcement concrete, abrasive materials and some steel. Specifically developed for demanding applications, the Cobra vacuum-brazed diamond bead wire can be used wet or dry. The bead technology allows the wire to cut either solid or hollow material with speed.

ICS saw meets extreme demands of concrete contractors
ICS’ most powerful gas saw, the 633GC, has new features that keep the saw in the cut longer than previous models. A 10-cc, 6.5-horsepower, two-stroke gas engine powers the saw. An advanced rear port air intake and filtration system designed for wet-cutting aggregate materials, newly designed ignition and starter systems and improved crankcase protection increase the saw’s reliability, while maintaining function advantages of the original ICS gas saw such as deep plunge cutting, cuts up to 16 inches and square openings with no over-cuts.

Easily locate embedded objects with high-resolution radar transducer
Mala’s high frequency radar transducer emits a 2.3 GHz signal, producing a high resolution image of rebar, conduit, post tension cable or other features embedded in concrete structures. The transducer is compatible with Mala’s CX10 and CX11 concrete imaging radar. The CX series combines radar and electromagnetic technology and has a broad range of frequencies, allowing the operator to image concrete in a wide range of thicknesses.

Leica Geosystems’ Rugby lasers are tough, versatile
Leica Geosystems has two new lasers, the Rugby 55 and the Rugby 50. The Rugby 55 features a Scan-90 function which automatically moves the scanning or stationary beam in 90-degree intervals through each of the four axes. The Beam Down option positions the beam below the laser during layout work for faster setups over a point. Designed for simplicity, the Rugby 50 has only one button, is fully automatic and will self-level once engaged. The H.I. Alert function turns on 30 seconds after leveling is complete, and monitors the laser as it works.

Work longer; minimize fatigue with Minnich’s cordless vibrators
Minnich Manufacturing now has cordless flex shaft gas-powered vibrators in either a backpack or hand-held configuration. The hand-held vibrator features a shoulder strap and is balanced for easy dipping motion. The backpack vibrator has a padded back and heavy duty straps for longer jobs with less fatigue. Each vibrator has a 1.5-horsepower Honda GX35 Mini four-stroke engine with an all-position diaphragm carburetor. The vibrator heads are interchangeable with all of the company’s electric- and gas-powered vibrators.

Work in confined spaces with LeeBoy curb and gutter machine
LeeBoy’s LBC-24W concrete curb and gutter machine pours a 24-inch radius, eliminating most hand forming. The machine can pour slipform curb and gutters, alley ribbons and sidewalks up to 4-feet wide, as well as below-grade pours for street rehabilitation work. The LBC-24W has a 44-horsepower diesel engine and two 10,000-vpm vibrators. Fingertip controls from front and rear panels allow the operator to manage all curbing functions and an auto-restart function provides clean starts and stops. The LBC 24W weighs 7,500 pounds and features a low profile and all-wheel hydrostatic drive for stability, traction and maneuverability in confined spaces.

Reduce vibration for straight cuts with WS-Series concrete saws
Ingersoll Rand has nine walk-behind concrete saws in their WS-Series with cutting depths from 4.6 to 15 inches. The saws have a range of blade sizes from 12 to 36 inches for contraction and expansion joints, cuts for utility installations, patch repairs in concrete and asphalt, short run slab trenching and traffic loop installation. The saws feature a heavy-duty, 7-gauge steel frame, reducing vibration for straighter, faster cuts. The WS-Series also has steel splashguards to keep slurry and material fragments away from the operator.

Move more material with Miller’s power buggy
Move and place concrete with Miller’s Scoot-Crete power buggy, now available in diesel power. The 16-cubic-foot buggy has 4.5-second hydraulic dump and return cycles, a 6.9-mph top speed and simple directional and speed controls. A 9.8-horsepower Lombardini diesel powers the buggy, which features full hydrostatic drive. The 2-by-9-inch solid steel frame provides durability and proper weight distribution, and the enclosed vented console protects the engine and drive components from concrete buildup while providing adequate ventilation. The power buggy meets all 12 ASME braking and stability safety standards.

Mud Hopper pours concrete where trucks can’t go
Move concrete where trucks can’t go with the gravity-fed Mud Hopper. The operator controls multiple pours from the seat of a skid-steer loader or fork lift. The Mud Hopper features a hydraulically controlled door and is a low-maintenance choice for pouring walls, sidewalks, driveways, footings and floors.

MDG concrete pulverizers available in four sizes for variety of applications
Pemberton’s MDG line of concrete pulverizers process concrete slabs, pilings, precast poles, RCP pipe, steel encased beams and silos. The units have hardened, heat-treated pins and bushings for maximum pivot point life. Grease fittings are standard, and the teeth have replaceable weld. The MDG line comes in four sizes with 32- to 55-inch jaw openings. A simple spacer/bushing kits allows the units to be mounted on different excavators.

Pour from the left or right with Power Curbers machine
Make curb and gutter, sidewalk and barrier slipform paving easy with the Power Curber 5700-C. The machine pours from the right or left side and features a standard swivel chute for pouring in a single traffic lane instead of to the side. The machine has a 132-gallon onboard water capacity, a 50-percent increase over previous models and a 66-gallon fuel capacity, a 25-percent increase over previous models. The machine features a computerized Cummins engine and an easy-to-use electronic system.

Crush, dig and stockpile with one attachment
RR Equipment’s Crush-All attachment is a loader, hopper, feeder, crusher and conveyor all in one. Features include an automatic dust suppression system and a tramp iron relief system that allows un-crushable material to pass freely. The Crush-All is easy to operate and maintain, and has a rugged design.

Move material efficiently with Stone’s Mud Buggy
Move concrete, mortar, gravel, dirt or debris around the jobsite with the Stone Mud Buggy, Stone Construction’s 16-cubic-foot mortar buggy. A 13-horsepower Honda engine powers the buggy, which has a load capacity of 2,500 pounds. The buggy features a 6.5-inch discharge height and a fold-up operator platform. An easy-to-clean, heavy-duty polyethylene tub controls splash, and an optional steel tub is available. The machine has a low center of gravity for safety and stability. The 8-gallon fuel tank provides extended run times while the 7-gallon removable hydraulic tank keeps the buggy cool.

Vaculift hooks up in seconds and handles pipes of all sizes
Vacuworx’s Vaculift has a 22,000-pound capacity and can handle pipe from 4 inches to an unlimited diameter. The fully self-contained tank-beam unit can be hooked up in seconds. A diesel engine with an electric start powers the pipe handler, which offers a 360-degree hydraulic rotator powered by an excavator’s bucket curl circuit. Features include a visual-audio alarm for low vacuum, double set of lugs to suit any single or double suction pad arrangement, choice of remote or wired control and quick fittings for easy pad change.

Trowels offer powerful engine options for fast finishing
Create smooth finishes fast with Multiquip’s 10 new walk-behind power trowels. The four-blade trowels have Honda and Robin engine options ranging from 5.5- to 11-horsepower, creating rotor speeds from 60 to 155 rpm. The four B Series models have 46-inch ring diameters and the six J series models have 36-inch ring diameters. Both lines have an ergonomic throttle control, lifting bail and spider assembly. The trowels also feature a new access panel with easy access to grease the unit, change blades and service trowel arms. A height-adjustable 2-inch-diameter tubular steel handle and a centrifugal shutdown switch are also included.

Eliminate cracks and raveling with Green Machine
The GM450 Green Machine, the smallest and lightest gas-powered saw in the Cardinal line, eliminates random cracks and raveling while minimizing joint chipping and spalling. The FlatTrac wheels allow the cutting operation to proceed within two hours after completion of the finishing process, minimizing time on the jobsite. The low noise, vibration-free, manual push type saw has an adjustable telescoping handle that expands up to 51 inches. The Green Machine also features a four-wheel design for maximum stability, a heavy-duty 3/4-inch spindle shaft and sealed heavy-duty ball bearings.

Produce wide range of finishes with Diamond floor polishing tools
Diamond Products offers a line of floor polishing tools and equipment. Available units include a 7-inch polisher that uses 3-inch pads, a planetary hand polisher that uses 3- or 5-inch pads or cup wheels, a 24-inch dual head 2-horsepower walk-behind polisher that uses 6- or 5-inch pads or cup wheels and a 24-inch dual head 5-horsepower walk-behind polisher that uses 6- or 5-inch pads or cup wheels. Diamond also has wet and dry resin polishing pads and cup wheels to produce a range of finishes, from heavy material removal to mirror finish.

Vibra Strike II delivers performance with easy-to-use screed
Lindley’s Vibra Strike II features a four-stroke engine for powerful performance in a one-piece design that eliminates more than 60 nuts, bolts, studs, washers, tensioning rods and brackets, simplifying maintenance. The Vibra Strike II has an extruded magnesium geometric shape that allows the operator to use the screed as both a float and curl edge when screeding from the top of forms.

Easily work on inclined surfaces with multi-tool socket
RNP Industries’ P.A.M. Positioner multi-tool socket has a structured design capable of withstanding repeated chipping impact while holding a wide range of hammers, hydro-demolition lances and other tools. The positioner-actuator features fingertip electrical controls, control of tool-to-surface push and an indexed 100-degree swing. Designed to handle the tool’s support and position work on walls, inclined surfaces or ceilings, the P.A.M. Positioner is available with a choice of power options – pneumatic-hydraulic, electric or fuel-driven.

Fast-setting Mapecem 100 practical for tight construction schedules
Mapei’s cementitious mortar, Mapecem 100, produces build thicknesses up to 4 inches and is fast-setting, allowing traffic in three to four hours. Mapecem 100 reslopes floors; levels low areas on floors; fills trenches, voids and honeycombs; and treats concrete defects. Add Mapei’s Planicrete PM acrylic latex admixture to Mapecem 100 for a pumpable mixture when constructing, repairing or renovating interior horizontal concrete slabs on elevated floors. Both Mapecem 100 and Planicrete PM are LEED-compliant.

Bend and cut rebar with one self-contained unit
Fascut Industries’ self-contained electric/hydraulic FR-800-C bends and cuts 1-inch diameter rebar. The machine plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet and has a foot pedal control. A simple lever with two adjustable presets ensures a uniform and accurate bending angle. The unit cuts bars to length and fabricates 3-D bends on the jobsite or at the shop.