Excavator can reduce width to 40 inches
Adjustable-width tracks and a backfill blade with foldable end sections are two of several enhancements made on Hitachi’s Zaxis 17U-2 compact excavator. Using both features reduces the overall width of the machine to 40 inches. With an operating weight of 4,173 pounds, the machine has a maximum dig reach of 12 feet 10 inches and a maximum digging depth of 7 feet 1 inch. A long-arm/heavy-counterweight option provides an additional 8 inches of depth and reach.

New Bosch breaker hammer has vibration reduction system
Bosch Power Tools’ new breaker hammer, the Jack 11335, hits at 34 foot-pounds of impact force while weighing in at just over 35 pounds. In testing, the model had 300 working hours before requiring maintenance. The Jack 11335 also features an Active Vibration Reduction handle, a two-handed design that reduces and dissipates vibration by 40 percent over similar models. A carrying handle adjusts along the length of the barrel for good working posture. Each Jack breaker hammer is equipped with the new self-sharpening star-point hex chisel, which reduces service costs and has high removal rates. The Jack comes in a kit including lubricant and a roller case for storage and transport.

Subaru Robin re-enters diesel generator market with two models
Subaru Robin is now offering two new diesel generators – the RGD3300H and RGD5000H. The RGD3300H, using a 6.8-horsepower Hatz 1B30 engine, has a rated output of 3,000 watts. The larger model, the RGD5000H, uses a 9.9-horsepower Hatz 1B40 for a 5,000-watt output. The single-phase capacitor-type generators have electric starters with recoil backup, fuseless circuit breakers and a spark arrestor that diminishes ignition risk while lowering noise levels. Both models have 120-volt 30-amp and 120/240-volt 20-amp twistlock receptacles. The generators include an hour meter to help you schedule maintenance at recommended intervals to prevent downtime. Additionally, a low-oil shutdown system prevents engine damage if lubrication levels drop. Both models are currently in production and are available this month.

Work platform offers safety and ruggedness
JLG’s 32-square-foot personnel work platform features a 1,000-pound capacity designed to comfortably hold two people. The platform’s swing gate comes with a removable front panel for easy entry and exit and features steel mesh flooring and eight lanyard attachment points. The fork-mounted unit grants versatility on the jobsite. The personnel work platform provides lift as high as 55 feet on rough terrain sites where access with alternative equipment is difficult.

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Compact excavator digs to new depths
Bobcat’s 425 compact excavator delivers a standard arm maximum digging depth of 8 feet, 4 inches and a maximum reach of 14 feet 10 inches at ground level. The long-arm option offers a maximum digging depth of 9 feet 4 inches and a maximum reach of 15 feet 9 inches. Both models are powered by a 26-horsepower liquid-cooled diesel engine with two-speed travel motors. The 425’s standard version offers 3,282 pounds of arm breakout force and 5,058 pounds of bucket breakout force. Turf-friendly rubber tracks distribute the operating weight of the 5,849-pound excavator over a larger area to lower ground pressure to 3.7 pounds per square inch. Steel tracks are also available for harsher working environments.

An out-of-the-box alternative for mixing concrete
SDS’s CreteSheet is designed for mixing an 80-pound bag of concrete in less than two minutes. Treated with a UV inhibitor, this rectangular, polyethylene sheet works best with a one- or two-person mixing crew on jobsites that require either 1 cubic yard or less of mix or are hard to access. The CreteSheet also works well on hillsides or grades too cumbersome for wheelbarrows or mixing tubs. CreteSheet weighs less than a pound, making transport to and around the jobsite simple.

Rotary hammers deliver blows with a soft touch
Milwaukee Electric’s 1-inch SDS 5363-21 compact rotary hammer reduces vibration in repetitive operations while improving comfort and control. The hammer delivers 2 feet per pound of impact energy at 5,980 blows per minute. The hammer also features a rotating brush plate and a magnesium gear case with block construction for long-term dependability. The 1-inch 5369-21 D-Handle rotary hammer features a powerful 7.5-amp motor and large hammer mechanism that delivers 2.4 feet per pound of impact energy at 5,900 blows per minute. The D-Handle’s length is 17 / inches and weighs 7.9 pounds, making it useful for overhead and downward drilling applications.

Rugged column form stands up to weather
The Sonotube Commercial line of concrete forms is designed to compete with steel and fiberglass forms by offering a durable, water-resistant product. It can withstand full liquid head pressures up to 20 feet and the forms’ poly-woven exterior can take 72 hours of rainfall without losing structural integrity. The forms come in standard diameters from 6 to 60 inches in diameter and lengths from 12 to 20 feet, and can be cut to length or drilled on the jobsite using conventional tools.

Paving machine offers pouring options
Power Curbers’ 5700 Series paving machine is designed for curb-and-gutter, sidewalk and barrier slipform applications and offers the option of pouring from both the right side and the more traditional left side. A swivel chute allows the machine to pour in a single traffic lane with the concrete truck in front of the machine instead the side. The 5700 comes with an analog system, giving the operator greater flexibility for sensor adjustment. The computerized Cummins engine operates quietly while pulling heat away from the operator’s platform and the radiator has been relocated to the center of the machine, driving heat away from the operator and the concrete.

Pavement saw cuts tough with a moving center of gravity
The SS-7060 walk-behind pavement saw from Sanders Saws features stay-level handles and a moving center of gravity for optimal balance. These options are designed to minimize operator fatigue and reduce back injury risks. Fueled by a 60-horsepower Deutz diesel engine, the SS-7060 saw has a 36-inch blade capacity and a maximum cutting depth of 15 inches. The saw also features a clutchless bladeshaft disengaging system, where a flick of a switch stops or starts rotation while the engine is running.