Wheel loader line evolves along with emissions standards
Caterpillar’s 990H wheel loader comes with the same cycle times, standard hauler pass matches and impeller clutch torque converter as the 990G Series II, but offers lower engines emissions and increased efficiency. Engineered for mining, handling bulk materials and performing high-volume earthmoving, the standard-lift 990H loads 60- to 70-ton capacity trucks and the high-lift version loads 100-ton capacity trucks. Rated payload with the standard lift is 16.5 tons and bucket capacity ranges between 11 to 12 cubic yards. The machine’s Cat C27 12-cylinder engine rates at 627 horsepower with a displacement of 1,648 cubic inches. The air-to-air aftercooling system reduces engine emissions and helps maintain performance at high altitudes.

Track equipment with new monitoring system
DPL America’s Titan Equipment Monitoring System allows managers to report equipment activity, location, status and other operational data through a wireless connection. The system communicates over the General Packet Radio Service network and includes automatic or on-demand location updates, hour meter reporting with daily run-time log, service scheduling with past due notices and digital inputs for sensor alarming. Every time the machine is turned on, off or goes in transit; the operator gets automatic, up-to-the-minute fleet information. The Titan uses the same Internet software as DPL America’s Skyhawk Vehicle Tracking System, giving managers real-time, side-by-side mapping and management of both on-road and off-road assets.

Little light shines with lots of intensity
Petersen Brand’s 27-inch Wobble Light Junior sits on a self-righting, counter-weighted base like the larger Wobble Light, but fits into smaller spaces. Its polycarbonate dome and floating shock system protects the bulb from jarring. The Wobble Light Junior’s internal ventilation system keeps it cool to the touch and its metal halide bulb supplies light for 12,000 hours. The light is suited for use in electrical, plumbing and HVAC installation or maintenance and has a power outlet built into the base, allowing users to plug in a power tool or chain several together.

Impact hammer kicks productivity up a notch
Allied’s Rammer Model G 88 G-Series hydraulic hammer for 60,000- to 88,000-pound excavators can be adjusted to match working conditions. Hammer features include a front end with simple tool retainers and slip fit tool bushing that rotates 90 degrees. An idle selector for accommodating specific breaking conditions, a quiet version that contains hammer noise and a body with 180-degree rotation in the housing are also available. The Model G 88 requires 42.3 to 60.8 gallons of fluid per minute at 2,030 to 2,180 pounds per square inch and breaks at a rate of 300 to 480 blows per minute.

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Rammer series provides high impact to applications
Three Multiquip MTX-Series rammers – the MTX-70, MTX-80 and MTX-90 – incorporate an anti-vibration system designed for greater productivity and a reduction in injuries caused by operator fatigue. Built for trench work, the rammers work in confined areas, applications around retaining walls and solidifying bases or footings, all while delivering up to 3,500 pounds of impact force. The MTX-70, fueled by a 3-horsepower Honda GX100 engine, delivers 2,900 pounds of impact force with up to 695 blows a minute. The 3.5-horsepower Robin EH-12-2D-driven MTX-80 generates 3,150 pounds of centrifugal force and the MTX-90’s Robin EH-12-2D engine generates 3,500 pounds with 700 blows per minute. All three MTX Series rammers feature recoil starters, travel speeds of up to 36 feet per minute and diaphragm carburetors allowing operators to transport the unit without flooding the engine. The shoe width is 11.2 by 13.4 inches on each model.

Handle more payload with extra lift
The X-Tra Lift 2000’s electrically controlled hydraulic lifting system adds the ability to move heavy items into the beds of 1-ton pickup trucks or trucks with utility bodies. Designed by Stellar Industries, the lifting equipment operates parallel to the ground, keeping the load level and stable throughout the lifting cycle. The X-Tra Lift 2000 handles items up to 2,000 pounds such as vending machines, bulky manufacturing equipment or small construction equipment. The lift is also makes it easier to move loads from various heights such as loading docks.

Solvent-based paint helps you make a solid mark
The Industrial Choice’s High Output inverted marking paint produces bold marks on a variety of surfaces. High Output offers resistance against early fading and is made for use with excavation and construction sites, surveying or landscape marking. The solvent-based marking paint can be applied in temperatures as low as 25 degrees, as well as penetrate and adhere to hot surfaces. Available in 16-ounce cans, the paint comes in a variety of colors including fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink, white, safety red and caution blue. High Output dries fast and is useful on a variety of surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and brick, dirt, gravel and grass.

Road-portable unloader reduces contamination, material spillage
Superior Industries’ 48-inch RazerTail truck unloader comes with a 6-foot discharge height and 50-horsepower motor. The road-portable unloader includes hydraulic ramps for quick clean up of material spillage, eliminates material contamination, reduces operating costs and decreases the need for loaders. RazerTail complements Superior Industries’ line of conveyor systems, equipment and components for sand, gravel, aggregate, mining, concrete, asphalt, recycling, civil and marine engineering industries, coal, grain and other processing industries.

Stay in control with powered work bridge
Allen’s APWB1800 Powered Work Bridge is useful when you need to work over a concrete pour before it hardens. The work bridge’s standard features include a 36-inch-wide expanded metal work platform, paving or bridge deck style end-brackets, 6-inch diameter manual height adjusting posts and a four-wheel hydraulic drive. The APWB1800 comes with optional features such as gasoline or diesel engines, a cure spray system with adjustable spray bar and wind screen, a hydraulic-controlled front mounted texture drag with water spray bar, automatic forward and reverse steering and the option of a longitudinal or transverse tine system.

Multitask with new plow attachment
The Vermeer multiblade plow attachment installs up to three lines of Netafim dripperline in one pass and pulls them simultaneously at a predetermined depth and spacing. The unit uses a high-frequency vibration to cut through the ground and close up the channel around the dripperline. It is designed to fit the 46-horsepower Vermeer LM42 lawn plow and the RT450 ride-on tractor. Equipped with three reels, the plow attachment can hold up to 1,000 feet of tubing which spins through a feed chute before placement in the ground. It is also capable of laying three rows of tubing at a time, with depth adjustability from 2 to 12 inches in 1-inch increments and spacing width adjustability from 10 to 24 inches in 2-inch increments.