Product Report: Kubota KX080-3

The KX080-3, Kubota’s largest excavator, digs into work environments where space is limited but additional power, capacity and efficiency are required. Low fuel consumption by the large output Kubota E-CDIS direct injection diesel engine, the tight tail swing and the newly designed anti-theft system enables contractors to undertake heavy-duty applications in tight spaces.

“It’s exciting to expand beyond the compact excavator class,” says Keith Rohrbacker, product manager, Kubota. “From standard features like the industry’s first factory-installed anti-theft system to the 64-horsepower engine, the KX080-3 is engineered for extra performance.”

Breaking new ground
The machine boasts the first direct injection engine in a Kubota excavator. The quiet engine pushes 14,600 pounds of bucket breakout force and 8,554 pounds of arm force, yet starts easily in cold weather to maintain fuel efficiency. The auto-idling system is another fuel saver that reduces noise and exhaust emissions, as well as adjusts engine RPMs.

The KX080-3 automatically downshifts into low when making turns, moving easily on soft ground or in extra-heavy-duty-use situations. Smoother handling occurs through the three-pump, load-sensing hydraulic system so operators can perform simultaneous tasks – such as dozing and using front attachments – without losing speed. Twin auxiliary service ports offer a hydraulic flow rate up to 26 gallons per minute.

Implements for the excavator include a hydraulic thumb, tilt bucket, hydraulic breaker, brush cutter, grading bucket and ripper.

Tail swing design offers versatility; cab is user friendly
The tight tail swing design has a 14.17-inch rear overhang that handles a wider range of loads in more restrictive spaces. Other features include extended dumping height and digging depth range, a swing boom, and larger bucket and dozer blade capacity, compared with Kubota’s KX Series compact excavators. Oil flow adjusts from inside the cab and operators can store settings to switch from using a tilt bucket to manipulating an auger or a thumb.

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The enclosed operator cab is air-conditioned, heated and features an easy-open front window. A reclining, high-back suspension seat reduces operator fatigue with its weight compensation feature, wrist support and retractable seat belts. The Intelligent Control Display LCD panel provides a digital display of diagnostic readings and routine maintenance alerts, reducing downtime and costly repairs.

“The LCD panel even emits an alert when the tank is nearly full during refueling, eliminating fuel spillage,” Rohrbacker says. “At the same time, we’ve made worker, site and machine safety a primary focus with several specially designed features.” These features include a ROPS/FOPS certified cab, a boom anti-drop valve, which prevents an elevated load from dropping unexpectedly, and a capacity overload alarm.

Anti-theft system eliminates cost of theft and recovery
Window-guard hardware on the outside of the frame enables easy attachment of a front window protective cover to protect the operator and shield the glass. Three rear view mirrors give a wide range of work site visibility.

For additional safety, the ROPS/FOPS cab is equipped with an overload arm that alerts the operator before load capacity has been exceeded. An anti-drop valve on the boom is standard on the KX080-3.

“In 2005, more than 5,000 equipment thefts were reported, according to the National Equipment Register,” Rohrbacker says. The anti-theft system allows only registered keys to crank the engine, with attempts to use other keys disabling the machine and sounding an alarm. Each excavator comes with ready-to-use, pre-registered keys and an additional programming key for registering additional keys or changing codes.