Horizontal drill lets you navigate in the right direction
A Caterpillar 540-horsepower diesel engine powers Vermeer’s D330x500 Navigator horizontal directional drill with a 15-horsepower boost over the older D300x500 model. A hydrostatic hydraulic system produces 50,000 feet per pound of rotational torque for drilling in difficult ground formations and delivers 330,000 pounds of thrust/pullback force for long-distance drilling projects. All functions including transport, drilling controls, crane controls and drilling fluid controls are operated from a cab with a 360-degree view. The DP 600 LCD drill monitoring system helps the operator check all drill functions and serves as a diagnostic service tool for troubleshooting.

Make the grade with dozer blade attachments
John Deere’s Worksite Pro DB84 and DB96 dozer blade attachments are designed for skid steer and compact track loader owners who want to finish a grade and move a lot of material at once. The DB84 and DB96 come in 84-inch and 96-inch widths, respectively. A 30-degree hydraulic angle and 10-degree hydraulic tilt feature lets the operator make blade adjustments on the fly. Each blade is Quik-Tatch mounted and comes standard with a reversible cutting edge and adjustable skid shoes for long-term durability. The dozer blades work with John Deere equipment, but are compatible with most competitive models.

New tooth design focuses maximum breakout force
Leading Edge Attachment’s Multi-Ripper Tooth allows excavators or backhoes to rip rock, coral shale, caliche, decomposed granite, limestone, sandstone, asphalt or frozen ground with maximum breakout force. The MRT uses conventional tiger teeth with two points located at staggered positions along the arc and centered near the bucket/stick pivot point. With this feature, the tooth can rip out a relatively flat bottom while focusing the entire breakout force on one tooth at a time. The tooth is designed for existing Caterpillar J Series tooth adapters.

Pedestal boom crusher built for harsh conditions
Tecman’s Quarry-Pro hydraulic pedestal boom crusher includes a standard slew ring with 350-degree rotation, electronic pilot control systems and variable displacement axial piston pumps. The unit features an excavator-type rotary frame and boom structures purpose-built for harsh quarry and mine environments. Horizontal ranges cover 10 to 45 feet and support a hydraulic hammer with an impact energy capability of 750 to 12,000 feet per pound. The Integral Column System is built for an integrated boom, column and power pack system.

Reversible plate delivers force and speed for efficient compaction
Stone Construction’s 11,000-pound Model RP1130 reversible plate features a three-shaft eccentric system that delivers optimum force, a lower center of gravity and larger amplitude for better compaction and maneuverability. The plate’s 11,240 pounds of impact force combines with speeds of up to 72 feet per minute to deliver productivity of more than 8,500 square feet per hour with compaction lifts of up to 27 inches. The reversible plate has both a hydrostatic drive and exciter, allowing it to give quick direction changes and on-the-spot compaction. The plate weighs 926 pounds with a working width of 24 inches and houses a 9.5-horsepower Hatz diesel engine.

Go places with remote-controlled system for recyclers
Bandit now offers the AutoWalk system for its Beast Recycler line. The AutoWalk is a remote-controlled feature that allows the machine to move back and forth on a front-powered wheel, eliminates the need for a towing vehicle and reduces the distance the loader needs to travel to feed the machine. The system is available as a retrofit or as an option on Model 3680 Beast Recyclers. Cuttermills cut and split as opposed to the beating action of traditional grinders in a process designed to break down big material faster and consume less energy and fuel.

Mast platform slated for 2007
Production of JLG’s Model 1230ES elevating mast platform begins in early spring 2007. The electric aerial work platform will have a 12-foot platform height, a 500-pound platform capacity and is designed for quickly lifting electricians or workers involved in maintenance and interior work. Operator features on the model include a fully proportional lift and drive using a single joystick, a removable control panel with the same layout as JLG’s Pro-Fit scissor lifts, a low 22-inch step-in height to the platform and a saloon-style swinging gate for easier entry and exit.

Track jobsite costs in real time
OEM Data Delivery’s ST-500 Radio Service Tracker allows you to track equipment stats in real time. The tracker transmits the hours a machine has been in use – along with service alerts – and sends them to an onsite radio tower. The tower interfaces with a PDA hand-held data collector or directly to a computer. The equipment ID, hours, location and service data is downloaded into a web report or computer program and the system operates continuously so there is no interruption of equipment operation.

Funnels make pouring quick and painless
Trico’s Industrial Fast Funnels are designed to fit a wide variety of orifices as small as 3/4 inch in diameter. They are intended for one-time use and each funnel remains clean and compact until separated from the header and opened. Made of coated, heavy-grade paper stock, they are usable with virtually any liquid or powder. Packaged in handy three-packs, fast funnels also improve safety by preventing spills and are storable in a toolbox, cabinet or pocket.

Enhance maintenance applications with new crane body
A patented floor design, greater accessibility to tools, sidepacks for storage and improved LED taillight visibility are just some of the enhancements on Iowa Mold Tooling’s DSC20 Dominator crane body. IMT incorporates a single-handle latch on the tailgate with a three-point mechanism that reduces the amount of force required to open and close the latch. The crane body also has an enhanced shelf-hanger bracket system that enables quick adjustments of compartment shelves. The truck can use IMT telescopic cranes up to the 2020 model, as well as the other cranes from the IMT line of electric telescopic cranes with lifting capacities of 2,000 to 6,000 pounds.

Device gives you pressure washer control with the push of a button
Landa’s LanCom hand device gives operators control of Landa’s pressure washers. The operator can ignite the burner to create hot water, switch from clear to soapy water with the push of a button or activate the main pressure washer from as far away as 300 feet. The LanCom gives flexibility of movement to a fixed electrical remote station without a tether. The unit also reduces cost since the operator doesn’t have to run pipe and hard wire electrical connections to a remote station and saves time because the operator isn’t forced to walk back to a remote station or the main pressure washer to turn off the pump, burner or detergent.