Short wheelbase provides tight turning radius for new Volvo artic

Volvo’s new A25D four-by-four articulated hauler, introduced in May at the Intermat exposition in Paris, carries a payload capacity of 26.5 tons and offers a short wheelbase for tight turns – 180 degrees in the space of just 31.17 feet. With its 306-horsepower, six-cylinder Volvo engine, the truck’s load-sensing hydraulics deliver power only when needed, resulting in a 19-percent boost in rimpull and a 14-percent increase in productivity compared to its predecessor. The drivetrain consists of a torque converter with automatic lockup, six-speed transmission, a single-stage dropbox, 100-percent differential locks, hydraulic retarder and fully floating axle shafts with planetary hub reductions. For improved safety, Volvo’s load-and-dump brake allows you to press a button to automatically apply the load unit brakes and place the transmission in neutral.