CPMA to publish new safety standards for concrete pumping equipment

The Concrete Pump Manufacturers Association recently announced it will publish a list of safety standards that will take effect Sept. 16. After that date, all concrete pumps and pumping systems that comply with the standards will be clearly marked.

Regularly updating the safety standards can help prevent jobsite injury, equipment damage and legal liability for companies, said Al Kastelic, former CPMA secretary.

“Without these standards, you have inherently unsafe products being used within the industry,” said Les Ainsworth, president of Pumpco, based in Denver, Colo. “If a pumper uses products that don’t meet the standards and an accident occurs, that obviously creates a problem.”

All concrete pump manufacturers that are members of CPMA must comply with the organization’s standards by the deadline. Participating CPMA members urge pumpers and contractors to request pumps and systems that meet the latest standards when making purchasing decisions.

“The liability of using products that don’t meet the standards is a risk that most pumpers will not want to take,” Kastelic said.