ABC website helps contractors with hiring

The Associated Builders and Contractors have started helping contractors hire the best candidates available through its new assessment tool called JobInsite. The program was unveiled at the association’s national convention in San Diego last month.

“This online, job-specific resource helps companies find top-notch employees to work at their firms and coach existing employees to higher performance levels,” ABC National Chairman Edward L. Rispone said.

JobInsite is an online assessment test that is designed to measure areas that are critical to job performance, helping employers weed out bad hires and improve productivity. The test is made up of two sections, a 10-minute personality quiz and a 6-minute timed cognitive test. The personality section tests the candidate’s extroversion, sense of rules, assertiveness, team orientation, organization and sensitivity. The test also measures verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and spatial reasoning.

The test offers various reports of how an individual could be expected to behave in specific job categories. Some of those job categories include safety, supervisor, customer service, purchasing, project manager, marketing/communications, human resources and superintendent. Reports are generated immediately after the test is completed.

“JobInsite effectively screens job candidates and provides important insights about potential and existing employees to enhance performance,” Rispone said. “The return on investment for companies that conduct the test is outstanding.”

The test is available for $15 to $20 per test, depending on the quantity purchased. To view a sample of the test results or to find out more about JobInsite, click the link in the column to the right.