Man in werewolf mask shoots construction worker, is still on the loose in California

Updated Dec 2, 2014

Black Friday turned especially dark for one construction worker in Chino, California, when he was nearly killed by a masked man who shot him in the head.

According to a report from KTLA, the worker was shot while working in the back of a check cashing store Friday morning as part of a renovation going on there. The store was closed, but the shooter was able to enter the business from a rear door that was left open. He was wearing either a werewolf or “Planet of the Apes”-like mask.

The Press Enterprise reports that the gunman and the worker exchanged a few words before the shooting began. A bullet grazed the victim’s head just above the ear, the paper reported. By Friday afternoon the worker was in stable condition and was expected to be released from the hospital.

In a cruel twist of irony, the worker was installing security bars at the time he was shot, according to a report from KABC.

After shooting the worker, the gunman fled the scene the same way he came in and police are still looking for him.

A motive isn’t clear at this point. However, making this story even weirder, Chino Police Department spokeswoman Monica Guiterrez said another person was killed at this same time last year in a check cashing store, also by a masked gunman.