Construction worker throws co-worker off bridge, disappears after jumping in river after him

Updated Oct 17, 2014
A construction worker is accused of throwing his co-worker from the Gen. William C. Westmoreland Bridge.A construction worker is accused of throwing his co-worker from the Gen. William C. Westmoreland Bridge.

Police in Charleston, South Carolina, are searching for a construction worker accused of throwing his co-worker off a bridge.

Joshua D. Brown, 19, told police he was playing a game on his smartphone and eating some beef jerky when, out of nowhere, McCoy Wright, 30, came up behind him, picked him up and threw him over the side of a bridge, according to a report from The Post and Courier.

Just moments before, the men had been riding quietly along in a pickup, driving down Interstate 526 to pick up a load of pipes and deliver them to the jobsite they were working on James Island. Brown told police that Wright was driving and stopped the truck near the peak of the Gen. William C. Westmoreland Bridge, telling him he thought the trailer might be coming loose.

Wright exited the truck and went to the trailer and Brown got out too, still playing on his phone. That’s when Brown came at him, grabbing his legs and shoveling him over the bridge. Brown said he was able to grab on to the side of the bridge, but Wright pried his hands loose, sending him falling 35 feet into the Ashley River.

Brown said that he and Wright had never had a problem before that moment. They had been working together each day for the last two weeks. In fact, in a follow-up report from The Post and Courier, Brown said he at first thought Wright was joking when he grabbed him.

Even stranger, Wright jumped into the river after Brown. Brown said it looked as if Wright was reaching for him before he swam away. Brown was plucked out of the river by a commercial fisherman and suffered no injuries other than the scrapes on his forearms caused as he clung to the bridge.

Wright hasn’t been seen since, but police suspect he may have some psychological issues. According to the paper’s report, Wright’s father said he loved his job. However, following an accident with a “failed pipe” that sent him to the hospital, Wright’s family said he began to suspect that his co-workers were out to get him fired. His brother once visited Wright at his apartment and found him naked and crying saying “They’re listening,” referring to his co-workers.

You can read the whole strange report at The Post and Courier.