Construction workers narrowly escape jobsite shootings in Michigan and NYC

Updated Aug 27, 2014

gunpointAs temperatures have soared on jobsites across the U.S., so too, apparently, have tempers.

Nearly two weeks ago, a construction worker stabbed and killed his co-worker while they were renovating a department store in South Carolina. And now come two reports of jobsite shootings just weeks apart.

First, in New York City, a worker on a jobsite in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn somehow escaped being shot at close range by an angry co-worker, according to a police blotter report from The Brooklyn Paper.

Following an argument between the two men on August 4, the suspect left work only to return a short time later with a gun. From about five or 10 feet away, the suspect fired the gun but missed. The victim then ran away as the suspect shot two more rounds, both of them missing.

Another construction worker in Michigan wasn’t quite as lucky as the man in Brooklyn, but is still likely thankful to have walked away from an odd incident on a jobsite in Saginaw.

According to a report from, a construction worker was shot in the hand shortly after arriving to work Friday morning. The worker arrived to work at around 7:30 a.m. to clear a vacant lot and was shot around 7:45. The Saginaw Police Department and the Michigan State Police are investigating the incident but provided no other details as to why the worker was shot or if they have a suspect.