VIDEO: Watch this excavator climb a 100-foot tower before doing a handstand
Wayne Grayson | March 14, 2014

No. 8 Video in 2014

Liebherr excavator climbing tower

This one is a classic. Some might call it “obligatory” viewing for anyone who’s watched videos on the internet, let alone those who love equipment. The stunt, supposedly occurring in 1997, appeared on the long-running German/Austrian/Swiss variety show Wetten Dass…? (Wanna Bet That…?). The Liebherr excavator takes on the challenge of climbing what looks to be about a 100-foot-tall steel tower by its bucket. And as amazing as that is, the finale when it reaches the top (spoiler, sorry) is even better. The action really begins around the three-minute mark. Before then is a lot of talking and setting up. Watch the video below.

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