Firestone Ride-Rite Wireless Air Command lets you adjust air ride springs from your phone

Updated Dec 6, 2018
Firestone Wireless Air Command Kit for a Ford F-250.Firestone Wireless Air Command Kit for a Ford F-250.

For safety purposes it’s important to adjust your truck suspension to handle extra heavy loads. Air springs do just this and improve comfort levels as well. And besides, nobody wants to look like a chump with their truck’s tail end dragging down.

Firestone makes air ride springs for everything from pickup trucks to the biggest haul trucks on the road. Unveiled at SEMA in October, their newest pickup truck product, the Ride-Rite Wireless Air Command kit, lets you adjust the pressure to your springs from your phone or mobile device. The kit works hand-in-hand with the electronic control unit to adjust your air spring pressure with just a tap on the screen.

The Firestone Ride-Rite Air Command kit 2610 is a single leveling system that installs in just 90 minutes, requiring only a two-wire hookup and no drilling. It will not interfere with common in-bed hitches. A manual inflation option is available. The wireless app works with both Android and Apple phones.

A durable bellow on Firestone’s Ride-Rite air springs won’t rip or pull apart when your truck is suspended on a lift or jacks. It delivers a smooth, level ride regardless of the load in the bed or on the hitch and is capable of withstanding sudden side-to-side changes in suspension travel.

The app lets you adjust the pressure in your air springs with a tap on your phone.The app lets you adjust the pressure in your air springs with a tap on your phone.