Chevy built a sweet Z71 Colorado with Hurley to help you catch more waves, man

Updated Nov 7, 2016

At the SEMA show, Chevrolet has unveiled a Colorado concept designed with surf apparel and accessories brand Hurley and aimed at making the life of “wave wanderers” easier.

The Colorado Z71 Hurley implements several surfer-minded features including water-resistant seat covers made from ventiprene, a breathable material similar to the neoprene used in wetsuits. “You’ll never worry about hopping in your vehicle with wet clothing,” says Ryan Hurley, creative director for Hurley.

The truck also features helpful storage systems and of course, a custom surfboard rack.

But this truck isn’t just about hauling gear. It’s also designed to help surfers traverse beach terrain. Thus, the Z71 off-road package, a lifted suspension and 17-inch wheels wrapped in DuraTrac all-terrain tires.

The truck also features a Chevy Performance concept exhaust system to complement the Colorado’s new 3.6-liter V6. The engine is rated at 308 horsepower an 275 lb.-ft. of torque.

“This concept is all about functionality,” Hurley says. “When we discussed the project with Chevrolet, we didn’t want just a truck with our logo on it. It had to offer solutions for the challenges surfers face at remote locations and that’s exactly what it delivers.”

To that end, Hurley also included a Bimini-syle bedcover to provide shade on a hot beach. The bed-mounted Thule rack also serves as a wetsuit drying rack and storage for drinking water containers.