Mack Anthem’s aerodynamics delivering big fuel economy gains

Updated Jan 16, 2020

Mack Anthem Tractor 3

More than 500 Mack Anthem tractors have been deployed by U.S. fleets, Mack says of its all-new long-haul tractor that entered production in February. Mack is touting the Anthem’s entrance to the market and the fuel economy gains its 2018 long-haul tractor achieves over its predecessors, even those only a year and a half old.

The tractor’s aerodynamics, combined with Mack’s MP engine and its mDrive automated-manual transmission, push the truck to nearly 9-percent greater fuel economy than a like-spec’d 2016 Mack Pinnacle axle-back, says Mack Highway Product Manager Stu Russoli.

The Mack Anthem’s hood, roof, chassis fairings, mirror covers, front bumper and air dam deliver significantly improved aerodynamics, Mack says.

Company reps also touted the truck’s interior, which offers 35 percent more volume than its predecessor and has 27 cubic feet of storage space, which Mack says is an industry best. The 70-inch Anthem’s tall ceilings also enable easy movement inside the truck’s cab and sleeper, Mack says. It can be equipped with either a single or double bunk.

Offering truck buyers a tool to design their own unique Anthem, show it off on social media and make it simple to work with a Mack salesperson, Mack has added the Anthem to its online truck configurator tool at