Tobroco-Giant boosts lift capacity with D337T X-TRA wheel loader
Don McLoud | August 30, 2017

Giant’s D337T X-TRA wheel loader is powered by a 33-horsepower Kubota diesel engine.

Tobroco-Giant’s new D337T X-TRA wheel loader is designed to handle heavier loads than the standard D337 model.

The X-TRA has a tipping load of 4,528 pounds versus the standard model’s 3,196 pounds. It runs on a 33-horsepower three-cylinder Kubota diesel engine, has hydrostatic four-wheel drive and has a top speed of 11 mph.

The wheel loader weighs 4,850 pounds with earth bucket and has a lifting height of 8 feet. The company says the pendulum joint between the front and back frame requires no maintenance.

The D337T X-TRA comes standard with roll-over and falling-object protection safety roof and safety doors. A “safety roof deluxe,” foldable safety roof or cabin are optional.

Giant also offers a heavy-duty version of the D337T X-TRA, with a bigger hydraulic pump and extra tractive force in second gear.


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