Video: How to Perform Fluid Analysis to Save Money on Your Equipment

In this episode of The Dirt, we discuss fluid testing and analysis and how to establish a testing program for your construction equipment.

Host Bryan Furnace interviews Jaye Russo, national accounts manager of Chevron Lubricants.

“We've really never focused in on how do you actually go about starting up a fluid testing protocol,” Bryan says. “And what does that look like? And what's it going to cost you? How do you take samples and where do you send them?”

The conversation begins with the question: What is the benefit of establishing a fluid testing protocol versus just changing your fluids on recommended intervals?

“The surprising answer,” Russo says, “… is cost savings.”

The testing will cost additional money, but not much, only about $10 per sample. “But you end up saving money in the long run,” he explains.

“Improper lubrication is about 70% of the equipment failures today. So this is where you really want to take a deep dive into what your lubricants are doing in your system.”

Lube analysis can detect problems before they occur and prevent costly repairs and downtime. You also get a detailed breakdown of your lube and oil performance.

Russo gives some practical recommendations on how to test your oil and what to do with the sample and helps make the process less daunting.

So if you care about keeping your equipment in top condition, check out this week’s episode of The Dirt.

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