Video: Contractors Need to Change to Succeed in Today’s Market

What’s a contractor to do when a core business market shrinks or the labor pool runs dry?

In this episode of The Dirt, host Bryan Furnace discusses the necessity of changing or dying. A part-time contractor and equipment operator, Furnace has seen the residential construction market, a core part of his and his partner’s business, dwindle. Jobs are not as available as they once were.

He’s also seen firsthand how the construction industry has been slow to adapt to the changing labor environment. When once job seekers approached contractors for work, they’re now scarce. And those who do come around often lack the desired work ethic. They’re also willing to walk if treated poorly and yelled at.

Plenty of other employers are waiting to give them a job.

Rather than continue with business as usual, staying in a rut, Furnace and his business partner are shifting gears to try to capture new business. That includes rethinking a reliance on Facebook for marketing and other steps.

Contractors dealing with a worker drought also need to come up with new ways to entice workers, especially as competition for employees continues to mount.

If your company is in a rut or wants to avoid one, check out this week’s episode of The Dirt. It offers some suggestions that might mean the difference between growing your company or staying complacent and becoming obsolete.

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