Video: iDig Offers Low-Cost Grade Guidance for Excavators | The Dirt #49

Updated Dec 13, 2021

In this episode of The Dirt, we look at a lower-cost 2D excavator guidance system that can benefit contractors without breaking the budget. Host Bryan Furnace, who is an equipment operator, tested the iDig system for a week and was impressed with the results.

The iDig Indicate Only 2D System uses wireless, solar sensors on the boom, dipper and bucket and in the cab to relay in real time whether the operator is on grade. This eliminates the need for having someone hold the grade rod for the operator. And the base system costs about $11,000, much less than an integrated 2D control system. It can also be easily transferred to any excavator, no matter the model or age.

The main difference from a typical 2D system is that it does not actually control the excavator but uses an in-cab receiver with LED lights to indicate the grade for the operator. The sensors that monitor the grade are solar-powered and can hold a charge of up to 100 hours. They measure depth, slope and reach, relaying that information in real time to the in-cab receiver.

To find out whether this might be the system for you, check out Bryan’s interview with Kevin Morrissey, iDig business development manager, on this episode of The Dirt.

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