How Spot the Robot Dog Got a Job in Construction | The Dirt #17

Updated Apr 21, 2021

A partnership between Trimble and robotics pioneer Boston Dynamics has given the construction industry its first full-fledged robot. It’s called “Spot”, named for its dog-like appearance. But why does it look like a dog? What can it do? How can construction projects benefit from its presence? We had those questions and many more so we asked Martin Holmgren, the General Manager for Buildings Field Solutions at Trimble and Brian Ringley, Construction Technology Manager at Boston Dynamics to join us on this episode of The Dirt to discuss Spot and the future of robotics in construction. Check out the conversation below.

Episode Chapters

0:00 Intro

2:00 What is Spot? Why is it a Dog?

8:53 Why Legs are Better than Wheels

11:50 What’s the Difference Between Spot and BigDog?

14:51 Why Spot is Such a Good Fit For Construction

17:57 Controlling Spot: Remote Control and Autonomy

22:30 Battery Life + the Upcoming Charging Dock

27:34 Has Construction Always Been a Target for Boston Dynamics?

36:00 What Specific Things Can Spot Do on Construction Jobsites?

43:00 How Can Spot Improve?

49:53 Price and How to Buy