Kubota Expert Breaks Down SCL1000 Mini Skid Steer | The Dirt #14

Updated Jan 11, 2021

The SCL1000 is Kubota’s highly anticipated entry to the mini skid steer market. In this episode of The Dirt we talk to Kubota’s construction equipment product expert Tim Boulds about why Kubota is entering this market and how they developed a unique mini skid steer that will offer class-leading capability from the get-go.

Mentioned in this video:

Kubota Shrank a CTL For Its First Mini Skid Steer: The SCL1000

Episode Chapters

0:00 Intro

1:25 How Kubota Views the Mini Skid Steer Market

2:47 Mini Skid Steer or Stand-On Track Loader or Compact Utility Loader?

4:48 Why Is Kubota Entering the Mini Skid Steer Market Now?

6:28 Why 1,000 Pounds of Rated Operating Capacity?

7:40 Large Mini Skid Steer vs. CTL

9:42 The Appeal of Stand-On Machines

12:37 How the SCL1000 is Different From Other Mini Skid Steers

15:50 Scaling Down CTLs Into Mini Skid Steers

19:10 The SCL1000’s Control Scheme and Other Differences From a CTL

21:41 How Kubota Got the Ground Pressure So Low

24:38 Undercarriage Design

28:50 Maintenance

30:35 What It’s Like to Develop a Market Entry Machine


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