Meet Punchbot, the roving robot construction superintendent born at AEC Hackathon

Updated Feb 24, 2015


What if a jobsite superintendent could be everywhere at once, providing workers with the information the need instantly, with the tap of a button? With Punchbot, that just might become a reality.

Created at the latest Architecture Construction Engineering (AEC) Hackathon event in New York, Punchbot was dreamt up by Joe Williams and Todd Wynne of Dallas-based Rogers-O’Brien Construction. The bot is made possible using a Double, a Segway-like robot that carts around an iPad for roving video calls, and integration with FieldLens, a jobsite collaboration app.

The idea is that workers would be able to call up their superintendent using the FieldLens app. The robot would rove over to the worker who would then be able to have a virtual face-to-face conversation with the superintendent over the video call, even allowing the superintendent to follow the worker around.

There are several Hackathon events each year, each inviting developers in the AEC industry to get together and see what they can create over a weekend. The next event is in Chicago from March 6-8 and you can see an overview of the New York event below the Punchbot video.