Catch jobsite thieves in real time from your phone with the Eyetrax Ranger Series construction camera

Updated Feb 18, 2015

0204 Eyetrax WOC security camera

Security cameras are cheap and easy to find, but most have shortcomings. The Ranger Series construction camera from Eyetrax solves these problems with three high tech improvements over standard cameras.

First, the Ranger Series, shown at the World of Concrete this week, is solar powered. No external power source is needed. A 14- x 14-inch solar panel provides all the electricity the unit needs so you can put your camera in remote sites where there may be no electrical service. An internal battery that comes with the Ranger Series offers 10 days of operating power, so even in cloudy weather you’re not going to run out of juice.

Second, it’s data transmission is cellular based. The images are sent to a cloud-based server and can be accessed by any computer or mobile device. Real time alerts, such as when an intruder enters your area, can be sent via SMS, text or email.

Third, the system is motion activated. A passive infrared sensor measures changes in thermal activity on a site which eliminates the false alarms caused by blowing debris. The motion activated events are instantly time- and location-stamped and sent over the cellular network to alert owners. With this you can catch thieves or vandals in the act and alert police immediately rather than wait until the following morning when you discover the break in or theft.

The Ranger Series cameras can be bought or leased. Subscription to the website where your images reside is $80 a month. For more information go to