This data collector makes telematics easy

Updated Oct 16, 2014

ST-570 RFID Hour Meter Service TrackerTelematics can be very complex, or in this case very simple.

The ST-575-HWI wireless hour meter from OEM Data Delivery can be installed on any make or model of equipment. With it you can wirelessly identify and track the machine, and collect information on hours and idle time.

It will also give you cumulative hours and idle time so you can schedule PMs. Typically, these are the most important data points contractors and fleet managers want to follow.

By collecting this data wirelessly you reduce the time it takes to monitor your machines. It also helps prevent injuries that sometimes happen when technicians climb on a machine to read the hour meter.

The ST-575-HWI resides outside the machine’s electrical architecture and won’t interfere with on-board computers in newer equipment.